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The temperatures are already rising and it’s time to roll up our sleeves and go off with an electric scooter! Xiaomi Mi Electric Bikes are available for resale at affordable wholesale prices.

Mi Scooter Essential, Mi Scooter 1S, Mi Scooter 2 PRO and the latest Mi Scooter 3 (Grey or Black) are available from the best suppliers! Get the right stock on time and offer your customers Mi scooters at affordable prices!

Brief presentations of scooters and the big differences between them:

  • My basic scooter (B2B)

The basic version of the scooter, for all beginners and less demanding users. It reaches a slightly lower speed, 20 km/h, and a range of up to 20 km. It is the lightest of all models and weighs only 12 kg. Like all other models, it has a multifunction display on the steering wheel. It has more basic handles.

This scooter is actually an upgrade of the best-selling scooter from the previous generation, as they have added a multifunction display on the steering wheel and a range of 30 km.

The scooter has the longest range up to 45 km which allows it to have a bigger battery. It is also suitable for large users. It has a built-in multifunction display in the steering wheel. You can easily connect it to the phone app for more control and management. The new generation of 8.5 inch tires makes your ride more comfortable and free from unstable vibrations.

The latest model is available in two color combinations. Range up to 30 km. A maximum speed of 25 km / h. Refitted rear disc brakes for safer stopping. It has a built-in speedometer and other information display on the steering wheel. You can also connect it to a mobile phone via the app for more advanced management.

All scooters have side deflectors built in, in accordance with EU regulations; They provide easy folding in just three steps. It offers three speed settings: slow, medium and sport. The maximum load capacity is 100kg. They have a super bright 2W LED light in the front that can be turned on when driving in low light conditions. It also has a red LED backlight and parking leg.

Step into spring with the wind in your hair!

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