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Forecasts indicate that the Dev + Ops (Software Development and Information Technology Operations) market will grow globally in the coming years at an annual growth rate of over 18%.

All indications are the exponential growth in this field, which will be reflected in more new applications, more services and more updates, which will encourage demand for faster cycles of new releases – without sacrificing quality and continuity of services.

These challenges will be exacerbated by the increase in remote working and its impact on cooperation. What would it all look like in a world where daily routine, (improvised) gathering on the board, and other habits are almost or completely eliminated? It’s time to find a solution that helps the Dev + Ops workgroups work together. Moreover, it will help you increase productivity and will always be prepared for what lies ahead – to build better software faster and at the same time run new services faster and more comprehensively.

Model: Easy automation and important contextual information

Insta’s Application Performance Management (APM) solution and monitoring platform removes the complexity of multi-cloud environments, automates multiple tasks, and enables easy, high-efficiency monitoring of applications, services, and user requirements.

Instana has a full range of applications

Instana constantly detects all components in the system and monitors every technology present. With sensors that automatically identify configuration, changes, measurements and events, there is no longer a need for human intervention. With Instano, measurements from every component of the system, including all server components and applications, are collected in one place with high accuracy. No matter how many changes are waiting for you, Dev + Ops teams can keep track of what’s happening at any given time.

Instana also offers dynamic graph modeling, which improves tracking of core service, application, and system infrastructure information so you can better understand how your entire system is working. You’ll also quickly see how component failures can affect your system, which will help you prevent problems before they happen.

Auto-tracking: to let you know what you’re doing

Instana AutoTrace™ uses automatically deployed Instana agents and sensors to provide next-generation distributed tracking. It tracks almost every request, automatically capturing response time and context. By collecting and analyzing information about the performance and health of your services and collecting relationship data for each order, Instana AutoTrace™ provides you with complete and immediate monitoring.

Forget about manually configuring KPIs or alert rules. Distributed paths created by Instana AutoTrace™ quickly and easily identify the flow of demand through multiple systems, helping you quickly resolve potential incidents. This will save you time that you can devote to development and innovation.

Simple control panels and access from anywhere

Instana dashboards allow workgroups to access from anywhere. Anyone can view a detailed visual view of all services, routes, order schedules, and more, without tedious manual configurations.

Instana Application Perspectives allows teams to logically combine different application components, services, and transaction requirements for analysis, visualization, and alerting using a user interface (UI) configuration tool that is very user friendly despite its complexity. With Instana’s simple and transparent dashboard, workgroups in real time always have the information they need to work quickly, analyze and improve applications and all related services and infrastructure at their fingertips.

Instana displays any message, warning or error and puts it in context. Any excess efficiency can be quickly identified, as can the factors that contributed to poor performance. These same visual presentations also allow you to discover new opportunities for improvement with filter-based analytics across your entire data set.

After all, Instana removes much of the complexity of developing, deploying, and optimizing applications in the multi-cloud world of the future.

If you’d like to learn more about IBM Instana, you can also check out the offer on IBM partner sites such as Comtrade, Smartisan, and Triglif. (Public relations)

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