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Windows 11 has easily impressed even the most demanding users. This brings an airy look, and the sounds are modern, fresh and clean, giving a sense of lightness and serenity. At the same time, the new version of the operating system puts the user and its content in the center. Not surprisingly, Windows 11 is currently used by about 16 percent of users.

Of course, Windows 11 can only be run on a computer with compatible hardware. This requires a newer computer with at least a 64-bit processor with at least two core processors, four GB of system memory and 64 GB of storage space. With some effort, of course, it is also possible to install Windows 11 on a computer that does not meet all the hardware requirements, which is not recommended.

Since using incompatible hardware can lead to unreliable performance, Microsoft is seriously considering introducing a watermark. The novelty is currently available in the final beta of the new major update for Windows 11 (Version 22000.588). This actually makes sure that a notification appears on the desktop in the lower right corner that the computer system does not have the appropriate hardware.

Many experts are convinced that Microsoft will also include a watermark for incompatible devices in the latest version of Windows 11. Therefore, instructions on how to remove the watermark have already appeared on the Internet. Although this process is not easy, it can be done by less experienced users with little effort.

Windows 11: Watermark removal procedure

  • Open Start Menu
  • Type Regedit
  • Right click on Regedit and select Run as administrator option
  • Go to menu HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\UnsupportedHardwareNotificationCache
  • Find a DWORD key called SV1; If it is not available, we must create it
  • Double click on the key and enter the value 0
  • Close Regedit and restart the system

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