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With hybrid business, data access is inevitable anywhere and anytime. But at the same time, due to their possible loss, backups have become a necessity for every user and company.

Do your best to secure your data! Backups are one of the most important elements of protecting an organization’s data, whether it’s about possible abuse of extortion viruses, software crashes, or laptop theft.

It is important for secure file storage that your backups are physically separated from your device, so we give you the ability to save files to the cloud while on the go.

Safe backups and easy recovery are essential when unforeseen events threaten the security of your data and therefore your business. It also provides you with reliable and cost-effective storage and retrieval Veeam Cloud Connect Backup and Replicationwhich can also be rented from DAT-IT.

If you are already using Veeam B&R software, they only add a license to Veeam Cloud Connect.

  • Fast download
  • Secure SSL connection, source-encrypted
  • Ability to store multiple daily copies of data
  • Quick recovery at any time
  • cost effectiveness

What is Veeam Cloud Connect?

Veeam Cloud Connect provides a fully integrated, secure, and efficient way to move backups to a cloud dump or backup to a remote location for disaster recovery. It is a comprehensive solution to eliminate the risk of data loss. You don’t need your own hardware, as everything is in the cloud and handled by the DAT-IT provider.

So the data is stored in a remote location or in several locations, which can also be separate. DAT-IT allows data to be stored securely in a . format ISO27001 supported data centers. They have the offer 3 physically separate locationsWho is this 2 separated geographically. All data always stays inside Regional Private Cloud in Slovenia. In the event of a natural disaster, fire, or the like, a copy of the server exists and can be run elsewhere if needed. There is no initial investment in this, as it is a lease. If you are an existing user of Veeam services and already have the appropriate licenses, it is cheaper.

Additional protection against deleting important data

The latest technology available at competitive prices ensures the highest level of reliability and business security for organizations of any size.

At DAT-IT, they offer additional protection for “Insider Protection”, which is part of the Veeam Cloud Connect Backup, thus additional protection in protecting your data. With the ability to create an inaccessible “Recycle Bin” from your network, it allows you to recover data that might have been deleted during a malicious attack. This provides additional protection against external attacks through extortion programs and internal threats.

Access and control

One of the biggest benefits of deploying Veeam Cloud Connect is ease of management. You can download and restore backups with just a few clicks. The service is suitable not only for end users, but also for service providers. A dashboard with a comprehensive overview of system resource usage provides an accurate overview of your data or customer data.

Integration with Microsoft 365

Lots of companies know Microsoft 365 is great, but it also has its drawbacks. DAT-IT, part of ZGroupNot only does Microsoft 365 services offer, but it also offers backups in association with Veeam. Microsoft has its own data protection systems, but they are not “backups” or backups, so a customer who deletes something may be left alone, frankly, inadvertently. This is where Veeam comes in to keep your data safe.

The first link for Microsoft 365 is mostly email, but it’s not just about that, but maybe some of the more important things like SharePoint files, user group data, OneDrive files, Microsoft Teams… We think you don’t want to imagine, what happens if they disappear Someday all the data you have in these services.

DAT-IT makes it yours data is always safe, Do not hesitate and contact them at 0591 669 81 but [email protected]. (Public relations)

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