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Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatch in 2017. This smartwatch was available to users for the first time without an iPhone smartphone. Apple Watch Series 3 is equipped with high-speed 4G / LTE mobile connectivity support, which allows access to the World Wide Web. In addition, the Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatch is equipped with a completely new mobile operating system, watchOS 4, which has brought many useful innovations. Among them, the possibility of faster use of many sports applications and other functions, such as heart rate measurement, are definitely worth mentioning.

As it turns out, Apple will soon be retiring the Watch Series 3 smartwatch. The hugely popular smartwatch is said to be incompatible with watchOS 9, a mobile operating system that will be available alongside the Apple Watch Series 8 smartwatch.

The new watchOS 9 is not expected to work in tandem with the Watch Series 3 smartwatch due to the hardware. It is said that Apple’s new operating system requires a lot of the mobile processor S3. This will actually cause the Watch Series 3 smartwatch to lose access to all updates and quickly become unusable.

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