SpaceX raises the price of devices for…

Although the Starlink satellite internet speed has slowed down somewhat recently, it is still popular and has already convinced many users of the World Wide Web. We recently reported that this person has reached another important milestone. Today, satellite Internet is used by more than 250,000 users worldwide. Although this may seem small or insignificant to many, it is without a doubt a great achievement. It is still an experimental internet, and it is expected to be fully operational worldwide within a few years.

Unfortunately, SpaceX recently decided to increase the price of devices needed to access the Internet via Starlink satellites. Unfortunately, we’ve also seen a price hike in Europe. The price of Starlink satellite Internet access devices has increased from €499 to €644. The increase also affected packaging and delivery costs. That is, they raised it from 60 euros to 75 euros.

Fortunately, SpaceX has not increased Starlink’s monthly subscription to satellite internet. It’s still available in Europe for €99 per month. However, the increase in the monthly subscription affected American users. In order to access the Internet, they have to deduct the recalculated €100 instead of the recalculated €90. Many are convinced that the same fate can befall European consumers.

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