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Mark Zuckerberg, one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, began his Harvard talk with a famous anecdote about the cleaner and legendary President John F. Kennedy.

Accompanied by reporters, the president headed to NASA’s Space Center to see the latest rockets and meet the astronauts. In the hallway, he saw a cleaner cleaning surfaces with a machine.

Kennedy knew it would be good for reporters and readers if the president himself took a minute and greeted the janitor. So he approached him and gave him his hand and asked: “What are you doing?” The janitor gave him an answer showing that he could be a boss, too. He replied, “I am helping mankind to come to the moon.”

The cleaner was telling the truth. Without complete profound purity, all missions in space are doomed to fail. Cleanliness is the basis of a healthy and comfortable stay. Whether in the company or at home.

Static electricity attracts dust to electronic devices. Computers overheat due to dust buildup, run slower and louder.

Therefore, I am glad to introduce you to a new method of Deep cleaning of business, private buildings, benches, cars and other areas.

The ML63 Cleaning Service uses the latest equipment combined with a personal approach.

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Deep cleaning of seats, cars, commercial and private buildings. ML63 Cleaning Service.

So how do you achieve a healthy and happy home where you will feel fresh and new energy long after you finish cleaning?

Deep cleaning is practically the only and correct option.

It’s the queen of any large office or home living room, of course Couch. Regular cleaning focuses on her outward appearance. Everything washed and polished invites us to sit on it. But is it really clean? So in depth?

Did you know that most dust mites, bacteria and dead skin are hidden in sofas and upholstered furniture? All this, of course, is due to the fact that we spend a lot of our time on upholstered sofas and armchairs. As a result, mites and bacteria have been in our environment for a long time and are transmitted to our skin over and over again, putting our health at risk.

Allergies, cough, rubella, bed bugs, asthma. All of these can be consequences of microorganisms that accumulate in our work, our workplace or on our own a sofa.

So what can we do? We can lighten it up a bit by vacuuming the couch weekly, but at least once a year we have to come to terms with the fact that our regular vacuum cleaner can’t reach the unwanted population multiplying by the millions.

Then it’s time to ask for help A team that will take care of the professional deep cleaning of our sofas and other upholstered furniture.

Leave your trust, office and apartment (and set of seating or transportation) in the hands of the ML63 team of professionals, who Take care of the deep cleaning and disinfection of the premises.

they are first in Slovenia, Which offers deep disinfection technology for private and commercial buildings with an innovative combination Deep cleans and removes microorganisms, bacteria, mites and viruses. The innovation of cleaning with a disinfectant ensures that all harmful microorganisms and viruses in the room are removed. The mixture penetrates into the smallest particles and decomposes them.

Fast and efficient.

However, when the cleansing and deep cleaning process of my home is complete The change is not only noticeable to the eye. It’s in space too better air Which makes us all more active and healthy. We would also love to return to that office or home.

Deep cleaning is necessary because of the many mites, parasites and bacon, millions of whom live in our businesses or home sofas, car seats and the like.

Learn more about the ML63’s advanced cleaning service working techniques Find out at this link.

Call them at 041730 029 And make sure.

Deep cleaning brings many benefits (plus personal satisfaction)

1. Deep cleaning of your home Removes viruses and bacteria.

Dirty homes are a haven for all kinds of bacteria and viruses. The more dirt enters your home, the more likely you are to contract unwanted viruses and bacteria. You also likely get sick all the time, for no real reason (apparently).

While a quick wipe of surfaces can prevent some bacteria and dust from accumulating, only a deep cleaning can truly eliminate the large microbes lurking beneath and bring health and freshness into your home.

2. Deep cleaning Increases indoor air quality.

Deep cleaning of carpets, furniture and walls ensures that allergens such as mites are reduced. Poor indoor air quality is associated with disease and infection. So if you want to improve the air quality in your home, start with a deep cleaning. Success is guaranteed!

3. Deep cleaning less pressure.

While it may not be obvious at first glance, a clean home helps reduce daily stress. Deep cleaning your home, even if only every six months, helps clean up your living space and create a calmer, healthier environment in which to live. If you rid your home of dust, rubbish and clutter, you can create A healthier and happier home.

4. Deep cleaning Reduces allergy symptoms.

If you have often symptoms Flu-like, like teary or dry eyes, runny nose and sore throat, you may be allergic. Even if many of the allergens that promote your illness come from the outdoors — like pollen, some are common It is located directly in your home. allergens, Including pet dander and dust mites in your upholstered furniture can affect anyone and can be harmful in the long run, especially for those with respiratory problems such as crisis.

Deep cleaning can relieve allergy symptoms, as you can get rid of allergens by disinfecting buildings and furniture. This is because deep cleaning also includes cleaning the corners, lights, and areas behind your furniture where they often build up, and the vacuum cleaner, cloth, and broom don’t see these corners as often as they should. 😉

5. Deep cleaning Repels pests.

Mites and other microscopic pests They are not the only nuisance lurking in your home. Rodents, beetles, spiders and other insects They may also be present, especially in areas where crumbs usually accumulate. Regular littering, sweeping and sweeping can help prevent the possibility of pest infestation, but at least once a year, deep cleaning is also needed to ensure no area is neglected.

Deep cleaning and disinfection of the seat and the car. ML63 Cleaning Service.

What is the difference between the deep cleaning done by the ML63 and the usual means of cleaning your home?

This is correct. You have now read why deep cleaning of your home is necessary, for reasons of beauty and health, and now comes the question – Who can help you effectively?

With the deep vacuum cleaner that most textile cleaning companies use, upholstered furniture in your home can only be cleaned superficially. In the case of the machine the ML63 uses, we can go deeper while cleaning under pressure. This is how we get rid of all the mites, bacteria, microbes, bed bugs, and more. An innovation in disinfection cleaning ensures the death of all harmful microorganisms and viruses in the room. The mixture penetrates into the smallest particles of dirt and disintegrates them.

With over 25 years of cleaning experience, ML63 specializes in deep cleaning and disinfection of buildings. They can say with certainty that they were among the first to use a special device in Slovenia that dispenses detergent so that it covers every corner of your house.

In the case of the sofa, the detergent is rubbed into it And all the bacteria and mites that have been hiding and multiplying there for many years come to the surface. The device is in use Also for disinfection of premises, Which cleans the air and equipment under pressure. Disinfecting your home, which only lasts for 5 minutes per room, thus brings you the feeling of freshness in the air you breathe for the next few months.

A clean home and clean air are a combination that simply convinces, right?

Learn more about the ML63’s advanced cleaning service working techniques Find out on their website.

Have you heard about room disinfection?

Buildings should be disinfected more frequently than just moving into a new apartment or office or after renovating your home. It will be important to do this especially when there is a higher risk of developing mold if we have pets or now generally stay in apartments and houses for much longer than we are used to.

According to research, regular cleaning of premises with disinfectants cannot eliminate all types of bacteria, because by wiping furniture with a cloth, we only transfer microorganisms from one surface to another.

ML63 cleaning service is The first in Slovenia Space cleansing technology with an innovative combination. They clean like this Work as private buildings. In addition to the classic deep cleaning of your home, they also provide disinfection for living and working premises, which will completely change the feeling of spending time in them.

This cleaning method gives your living space new energy that will return to you long after the cleaning is over. This is the formula that guarantees a tidy and energized home – that will make you happy!

The ML63 Cleaning Service gives you a clean home or workspace you’ll be glad to return to!

Take care of your family or employees. how? By bringing freshness, energy and new life to your living and/or work spaces.

Important notice to apartment owners:

With regard to deep cleaning of sofas and yoga, it is necessary to confirm the legislation, according to the new classification, annual deep cleaning of sofas and yoga is mandatory, and apartment providers must prove this with contractors’ bills. You can read more about this here (

  • Standard number. 74: Annual deep cleaning of the mattress (10 points)
  • Standard number. 80: Annual deep cleaning or. Buy pillows (1-4 stars)

ML63 – More than just a good cleaning service!

ML63 has been in business for over 25 years. Over the years, they have helped (co-created) many beautiful and successful stories. They are the way start cleaning service, Which he maintains to this day, to the satisfaction of his regular customers. In the last 10 years, the offer has expanded to include Landscaping, transportation and apartment renovation.

In recent years, they have also focused on renting and renting apartments, Tourism and working with people is their great passion. They operate primarily in the Slovenian region of Gorenjska, which is interesting for tourists and as far as Ljubljana, they are also tested on the Slovenian coast.

If you do not have time to rent out your property to tourists, you are welcome to contact them by phone 041730 029. They will find a common path to satisfaction and success with you.

They work all over Slovenia. They mainly focus on services in and around Ljubljana, Lesce region, Bled, Kranjska Gora, Jesenice, Trich, Škofja Luka, Kranj, Koper and their surroundings. They will speak to you in person before performing the services.

visit For more information or contact them at [email protected] or at phone number 041730 029.

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