Promise to use Apple devices…

Apple is expected to offer a subscription to its iPhone smartphones soon. Will we then have to pay a double monthly subscription?

If a subscription model is used, buyers of Apple products will not own it, but will pay a monthly subscription to use it as a rental. While it’s still in its infancy, the company could launch a subscription service next year and include it in AppleCare and Apple One packages.

According to Bloomberg, the subscription will allow customers to “subscribe” to devices using their Apple ID or App Store account. This will not be an installment payment program as we know it from the operators, and the monthly subscription will not be part of the product price divided into 12 or 24 monthly installments. The amount of the subscription depends, of course, on the device you choose.

The advantage of this method is that program subscribers will have the option to replace their device with the latest model. An Apple spokeswoman from Cupertino, California, declined to comment on the rumors.

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