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Konica Minolta introduces with the AccurioPrint 2100 its new black and white (printing) digital printing system with a capacity of 100 prints per minute, ideal for large corporate in-house print departments, copiers or office environments with high-volume printing needs.

The AccurioPrint 2100 with advanced technology is designed to help increase customer profitability. With improved productivity and simplified workflows, it offers robust architecture, high performance, and smart built-in finishing options.

Up to 2.25 million A4 copies per month

The cost-effective AccurioPrint 2100 software operates at a rate of 100 A4 prints per minute and can produce up to 2.25 million A4 prints per month. Supports various types of media from 40g/m2 up to 350 g/m2 (up to 300 g/m2 bilateral). The optional smart media sensor IM-101 supports media detection, which automatically detects paper type and weight.

Other features of the AccurioPrint 2100 include a common user interface with color printing systems, improved connectivity features, and fast scanning. Konica Minolta combines its second generation advanced color processing technology, Screen Enhanced Digital (SEAD) process with a suite of technical innovations that ensure exceptional print quality at full speed and automatic two-sided registration adjustments.

To simplify production and reduce the number of errors

All leading technologies of the eco-friendly AccurioPrint 2100 are designed to help users simplify production to reduce errors.

Konica Minolta’s commitment to developing market-driven innovations with functionality that helps grow customers’ businesses is also evident in AccurioPro, a suite of digital software solutions for professional printing. AccurioPro includes central management, automated workflow processing, color management, seamless integration of different printing technologies, and complete connectivity for all Konica Minolta digital printing systems.

"AccurioPrint 2100 bo z visoko hitrostjo izpisa, visoko zmogljivostjo papirja in tonerja, standardnim vgrajenim krmilnikom tiskanja in kompaktno površino za varčevanje s prostorom prinesel pravo dodano vrednost v vsako okolje produkcijskega tiskanja," je dejal Bojan Zupančič, vodja oddelka za produkcijski in industrijski tisk pri podjetju Konica Minolta Slovenija.

Offers many different features

Konica Minolta AccurioPro Print Manager is also a standard tool that helps customers get the most out of their print production by managing jobs quickly and easily. It provides various features to improve the overall workflow, such as task tracking, editing, and hot folders.

The AccurioPrint 2100 offers a stacking of up to 4,200 sheets and a variety of finishing options, including 2-point stapling of up to 100 sheets per corner, booklet of up to 80 pages, letter folding, 2- and 3-hole punches. Other finishing options include wire-bound bookshelves and various combinations of perforating, folding and perforating attachments.

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