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The idea fell into the editorial office. How can you start trading cryptocurrency with 50 euros in your pocket? Will Cryptomat allow us to do that?

»50 euros? Can we even start with such a small amount? Isn’t this the case that platforms usually require some minimum amount to get started with? This is definitely not 50 euros! “

In the junior editorial office of Računalniške, we have already tested platforms with which users can start their own Investing in cryptocurrencyUsually, it was necessary to start with a larger amount. We have always gone through the registration procedure and in some places we have also provided something for the purposes of the article. We always gained some new experience, sometimes we lost some of our resources, other times the investment paid off. However, we cannot say that we are experienced in this.

But we learned no matter what Buy Bitcoin, buy Ethereum Or other cryptocurrencies that we have always invested in as much as we were willing to miss. So we were not in a hurry to transfer the “earnings” in a panic to the euro, and we could wait patiently for the value of the cryptocurrency to grow (in our case, most often Bitcoin and Ethereum), and eventually, most often, cases of illness.

How did we start registering and investing in cryptocurrencies on the Cryptomat platform?

Cryptomat is advertised as the easiest way to Buy Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum and Shiba Inu And more than 250 other currencies with different payment methods. We tend to check it out. At the same time, the original mission was on our mind the whole time. Can we start with fifty euros?

How did we deal with it? We registered for the first time on the Cryptomat platform. We needed an ID and 15 minutes for that. Then we invested 50 euros. So much so that we can test whether trading itself is as easy as registering. Yes, for starters We managed to invest 50 euros! We even found that this is not the minimum, and that the user can also trade with a lot of only €35. But we used to think that to enter the world of crypto, you must have at least a few hundred euros!

Wherever we have invested so far, we have done everything online. But this time it should be different. Not everyone is good at paying online. Cash, a 50 euro banknote, we went to the bank and deposited 50 euro into the account that we received on the Cryptomat platform after registration (commission was 2.40 euro). So we actually went to the bank with banknotes in our wallet, because we were interested in how to convert the Euro money that we are going to transfer to the bank to Cryptomat and then change it to a certain value in cryptocurrency. From cash to cryptocurrency then.

We have transferred the amount, then it should take 1-3 days to see the funds in our user account on the Cryptomat platform. On the same day we received an email saying that they had received our bank transfer. “You can now log into your Cryptomat user account and visit the buy/sell section to purchase cryptocurrencies,” the email reads. But let’s get off to a good start.

Why cryptomas?

  • We’re convinced it’s not a fact to be reckoned with – Cryptomat offers the entire platform, app, documentation, and support in more than 20 languages, including Slovenian.
  • Cryptomat boasts the lowest commissions in the industry. They always tell you the exact results of each transaction before making any transaction.
  • Payment methods are unlimited. You can buy instantly with crypto money, bank transfers, credit cards and other means
  • Cryptomat offers all the most in demand digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Cardano, Ripple, Polkadot, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Litecoin, Polygon, Stellar, Vechain, Tron, Enjin, Propy and many more.
  • Who cares about security: is government regulated, legally compliant and fully licensed in Estonia under EU law.
  • You can access your cryptocurrencies anywhere, anytime and on any device – PC, tablet or phone (Android and iOS).

Before we started writing the article, we had to register. You never know what to expect, but registering with Cryptomat has proven easy. You’ve guided us through the process in an easy-to-use way, so that you’re a less skilled user than we are now.

Register for the Cryptomat platform at this link.

1- Register on the Cryptomat platform

After clicking on the link above, the window you see below will open. You must fill in the boxes with your name, surname, email address and specify the password that you will use to access the Cryptomat platform. Then click on the Create Account button, which will take you to the next step.

2. Verify email address

The next step is to notify you that you received a message on your email that you entered in the box. You must click the link in the email to verify.

When you click the link in the email, a login window opens, so you can enter your email address and the password you specified in the first step, and log in.

3. Enter the phone number

However, after verification, you can proceed to the box where you started recording. It says you need to enter your phone number for extra security. This way, you will receive an SMS with every login attempt and with every transaction. Definitely a move that reassures the user, as security is taken care of as it should be. So enter your phone number in the box and click send code.

4. Confirmation code

You will receive a 6-digit code on your phone. Enter it in the box.

For a tasting, a page opens, which you can see below, that encourages you to be on the right track, but you still have to do the verification. Otherwise, the account in your name can still be misused by someone, for example, via your insecure phone and email account.

5. Account Verification

You need an ID or passport and a webcam on your computer to verify your account. Don’t worry if you don’t have a camera on your computer, think of it – the alternative is a smartphone camera, which we think is in your pocket or lying on a table next to your keyboard. What should you do now? Click the Start Verification button. There is also a video below in the system that can help you before you really start the verification process.

This is followed by entering data from the personal document, where the platform reminds you that this should be the data already written in the document, not the address where you may live temporarily now. All information must be correct, otherwise the system will not take you to the next step. First, you need to click on the Confirm button to confirm your identity and that you did not receive the link from a suspicious source.

6. Enter the address

This is followed by entering the street number, house, city and zip code. You can also select the country you come from in the drop-down list.

7. Photocopying the document

In this step, you have to take a photo of your ID, passport, passport or driver’s license. The instructions are clear, and the platform itself walks you through them. First, read carefully how you need to photograph the document so that the photo is accepted and you will be able to proceed to the next step. You are now very close to completing the verification.

Once again, select the country from which you come, and click on the circle in front of the required document with which you will verify the account on the Cryptomat platform. We marked the ID card, photographed it from the front and back, and uploaded the photos to the system (in two designated boxes).

At this step, an interesting option appears – to continue the verification on the phone. This is especially true if you don’t have a webcam on your computer, as you’ll soon follow a step where you’ll need to take a picture of your face. So carry on as you prefer – on your computer or phone. We continued to work on the computer, so we clicked the “Next” button.

8. Face comparison

When prompted, the webcam should be enabled (“allow”), once again offering you the option to continue on the phone. Click Start. Then place your face in front of the camera (the entire face must be framed) and slowly move your head in a circle to allow the system to compare the face to the ID.

Our experience: On another platform that offers similar services, we recently had problems with this step, where it crashed when comparing the face and the system did not leave us (after several attempts we only succeeded). However, this step is also simple on the Cryptomat platform. We’ve done as instructed, and we’ve already been able to proceed to the next step.

9. Here are some simple questions

Here are some simple questions that you have already answered if you have subscribed to any similar platform. These are questions regarding whether you are a beginner or may already have experience in the world of cryptocurrency, how did you learn about the platform, what is the purpose of opening a Cryptocurrency account, this is your only digital wallet so far and such. . After answering these few questions, click the Submit button.

Register for the Cryptomat platform at this link.

10. We invest

We are done with registration and verification. If we want to trade, we need to invest some money now. The minimum, as mentioned earlier, is 35 euros. The ceiling is 15,000 euros. We chose 50 euros.

There are quite a few possible payment methods. You can connect a credit carddo it Payment by bank transfer / SEPAAnd then we have the option to pay for advanced users of services Skrill but neteller.

We decided to pay by bank transfer / SEPA. We can transfer 50 euros via the online bank, but in this particular case we decided to visit the bank physically. why? Because we haven’t tried it that way yet and found it interesting. Also due to readers who may be interested in whether they can easily transfer the amount to the bank. The transfer was quick and easy, and the funds were visible on the platform on the same day (the deadline is 1-3 days).

If we draw the line, it is Signing up on the Cryptomat platform itself is really easy. Of course, it has some security mechanisms, which are more welcome than obfuscation in such applications and investments.

We must not neglect something else that may be of great use to some users – The platform is in Slovenian It is certainly understandable to everyone, even those who may not be fluent in English.

We have solved the riddle of how to start trading with 50 euros. Not only can we invest 50€, we can also start trading with 35€. We now have funds on the Cryptomat platform.

As the most famous and relatively stable, but still fluctuating one where we can expect to double or triple the amount, we offer Bitcoin, but still decide to reallocate the funds. So we put $25 into Bitcoin and $25 into Ethereum. This will also allow us to monitor the “match” between these two cryptocurrencies and easily determine which bet will pay off over time.

How to invest the euro in cryptocurrency?

After logging in, you are in a simple interface where you select the cryptocurrency, right-click on the options (three dots one below the other), and buy to make a purchase.

A window will open as you can see below. We decided to invest 25 euros in Bitcoin (minus the 1.45 euros of the commission that the system mentioned). We marked Bitcoin under “I’m buying” and Euro under “Payment method”, because we previously deposited 50 Euros into the account. Then click Transaction Overview.

However, you do not have to make an instant purchase. You can also set up a purchase when Bitcoin or any currency reaches a certain value. or repurchase.

So we decided to buy right away. All we have to do is confirm the purchase with the Buy BTC button:

The purchase is complete and you can close the window. However, you can set a price alert, which means that Cryptomat alerts you when the specific cryptocurrency reaches a certain price. This way, you won’t have to wait impatiently every day for the cryptocurrency to reach a price you might be happy with and want to convert back into Euros or trade in the future, and possibly invest some of your winnings in other cryptocurrencies.

Then we invested the same amount in Ethereum, but now all we have to do is wait patiently and watch how the prices move and how the investment will pay off.

Register on the Cryptomat platform at this link.

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