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The first wet and dry cordless vacuum cleaner and dishwasher with separate clean and dirty water compartments – the Roborock Dyad – is already available through the official Roborock Store.

These are the main features that distinguish and distinguish the new Roborock Dyad vacuum cleaner from the competition:

  • The Roborock Dyad is the first cordless vacuum cleaner that also supports cleaning wet floors, featuring three rotating brushes and a dual motor.
  • In addition to the option of self-cleaning at the station, the Roborock Dyad cordless vacuum cleaner also has a function of automatic cleaning of the brushes while cleaning the floors themselves, which helps to ensure that they are always clean and do not spread dirt throughout the room.
  • The central rotating brush expands the entire width of the vacuum head and is most effective in the “edge cleaning” mode.
  • It cleans the floor with clean water, at the same time it absorbs all the dirty water in a separate container and leaves the floor dry, which competitor models do not do.
  • In the “Auto” mode, it automatically detects the level of dirt and automatically adjusts the cleaning power thanks to the “Adaptive Cleaning” technology. It also displays the dirt level on the built-in LCD screen.
  • It also has a “dry floor” function, which will be useful, for example in the bathroom where the floor remains wet after a shower. This feature allows us to quickly and easily mop the floor.

DyadPower . System With dual cylinder motors and a multi-cylinder cleaning head, the Roborock Dyad vertical vacuum cleaner easily removes wet and dry spots while keeping the floor dry and clean.

Effective edge-to-edge cleaning The unique combination of the full length front roller with the two rear rollers brings cleaning power directly to the edge of the brush head. In one stroke you can clean the edges of the walls directly.

Dual self-cleaning systems – The brush cleans itself when cleaning the floor, so you don’t rub a dirty brush on clean floors. After cleaning, the brush is washed again and is ready for use again.

flexible cleaning Built-in sensors detect how much dirt is being cleaned and automatically adjust water flow and suction power to ensure maximum cleaning with minimum work. Vacuum and mop the floor thoroughly at the same time to ensure a cleaner floor with minimal effort.

Agile cleaning head The head easily moves up to 180 degrees, making it easy to clean around table legs, chair legs, and other obstructions. Spinning pulleys on the contrary also mean you can push and pull effortlessly.

The Roborock Dyad cordless vacuum cleaner will reach 75 dB in automatic mode and 4 dB in MAX mode, that is, 79 dB, which is still completely silent.

The 5000mAh 22.2V battery will prove to be good in practice, as in the automatic mode, it allows up to 35 minutes of continuous operation or. In MAX mode, 25 minutes is much more than competing models. You will be able to clean an area of ​​up to 280 square meters with ease. The battery charge time from 0-100% is about 3 hours, which is also a plus as competing models charge up to 2x longer.

The vacuum cleaner is not heavy but it is not light and due to the head height (9 cm) it is not suitable for cleaning under low furniture and does not stand upright on its own but still all other functions outweigh these few negative features.

The Roborock Dyad Battery and Floor Vacuum Cleaner is already available through the official Roborock Store, where you also get a 2-year warranty.

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