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It is clear that more and more companies are supporting working from home or at least a mixed way of working. This, in addition to the benefits to both the company and the employees, brings many challenges that they have to face.

The faster companies respond to new challenges and needs, the more competitive advantages they will gain. It is also important that employees have a remote experience that matches the experience they have had in the office.

Ricoh Print Management Cloud is designed for businesses that want to reduce the burden on IT while making it easier to manage their infrastructure. It can be deployed as a hosted SaaS software (Software as a Service) or installed as a local private cloud. Ricoh is driving a digital transformation and in this way is allowing employees to work in a variety of locations.

Large European companies will benefit from the introduction of the Ricoh Print Management Cloud solution, from a simplified printing infrastructure to an additional workspace.

Experience working remotely in line with office work

The Print Management Cloud solution allows all users to print to any device in the company, regardless of what network the device is connected to and regardless of location. At the same time, the company reduces the costs and management complexity associated with the traditional printing environment. Central management eliminates the usual problems of IT and customer service, while allowing the tracking of press use among employees, who work increasingly dispersed, each on their end.

Additionally, Ricoh Print Management Cloud on the platform supports users’ print environment settings. It can replace your existing Windows or Mac-based printing infrastructure in less than ten minutes. Most importantly, Ricoh Print Management Cloud offers a remote work experience that matches the office experience. In addition, companies have the ability to easily track usage.

Safe and easy remote printing is in high demand

The wide availability of Ricoh Print Management Cloud is a direct response to the growing demand for easy and secure remote printing. New IDC Scan (* IDC, Mixed Workplace Safe Printing Opportunity, #EUR148081321, July 2021) It reveals that 62% of respondents from major companies believe that increasing print management and security for those working from home is an important measure fueled by the pandemic on print and document management operations. When asked about the main reasons for choosing a print service provider, the most common answers were related to security solutions and services, IT service performance, and print/IT infrastructure support.

“Today’s business leaders are fully aware of the challenges and opportunities that digital transformation brings. This can be an increase in requirements such as security, broad availability, cloud solutions, and the like. Meeting these needs is essential to supporting and empowering the workforce,” explains David Mills, CEO of Ricoh Europe. dispersed, regardless of the location of the company’s headquarters and schedule.

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