The Bank of Spain recognizes Oniz as the first …

The Bank of Spain today confirmed the final recognition of Oniz as a new generation trustee and Crypto asset exchange. Thus, the Spanish company will be the first of its kind and its services to obtain the approval of the regulator. This is an essential measure in the crypto ecosystem because registration is mandatory to work in Spain from this year 2022.

Onyze is the first and only Spanish entity that takes its services beyond custodianship of crypto assets to offer a truly end-to-end solution to building projects in the sector, called Encryption as a Service. Thus, it allows companies and organizations to create a wide range of this type of project proposal Getting to the nursery digital assets, a An automated and integrated system to prevent money laundering, unique in Spain and one Very agile and safe operation; That is, the new generation of financial products based on digital assets.

With this recognition, the Bank of Spain guarantees and supports the good work that Onyze is doing to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. This is precisely another component of the company’s CaaS solution: the ability to develop any project in the ecosystem as well without regulatory friction.

This way the company Continues its commitment to regulating the crypto sector in Spain and globally. The path in this sense is already built-in for Onyze after being selected in the first and second editions of the Regulatory Sandbox for CNMV To develop two pilot projects: a token investment fund and the world’s first free DeFi protocol investment fund.

Angel Luis Quesada, CEO of Onyze: “It is an important step for us as it allows us to offer more guarantees to our main customers. In addition, it is also an important step for the entire community as we are on the right path for Spain to position itself as the crypto standard in Europe.”

Enrique Palacios, COO of UNIZ: “The Bank of Spain’s registration reaffirms Onyze’s position in compliance with the regulations, as previously demonstrated in its first two regulatory Sandbox promotions, as it passed the tests required by Spanish regulators and supervisors even before they became obligated citizens.”

This registration represents a major advance for financial institutions to welcome this type of service to their customers with greater confidence and thus respond to the huge demand that has been observed in recent years.

Ones digital assets It is a start-up in Madrid dedicated to serving the next generation of cryptocurrency custodians. It was born three years ago to its three founders, Angel Luis Quesada, Inico Knorr and Alvaro Alcanese Rubio. Since then, it has only grown, reaching agreements with partners such as Renta 4 Banco or Allfunds and projects with entities such as CaixaBank. Our goal is to establish ourselves as a leading provider in the Spanish market in custody services for digital assets, and with an international vocation, to become one of the main European standards in this field in the coming years.


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