The tiles joined the fight…

The controversy over stalking people with the help of Apple’s AirTag has caused Tile to follow the Cupertino-based company’s lead.

Tile, which makes trackers for items that work in a similar way to Apple’s AirTag, has announced a “Scan and Secure” feature that lets anyone check for trackers.

Apple has built two anti-stalking features into AirTags. First, iPhone users will be automatically alerted if an unknown AirTag tracking device moves with them. Secondly, AirTags beeps if it has been separated from its owner for a long time.

The company later also created an Android app that allows rival phone owners to manually search for these trackers nearby. So Apple responded to the concerns by beefing up protection, adding a new deterrent message and clearer warnings.

Tile trackers work in a similar way to Apple’s AirTag, but you need to have an app installed on your phone to find or track these devices, while Apple trackers only need a nearby iPhone to automatically update AirTag locations to the last known location.

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