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United Group, the leading telecom and media company in Southeast Europe, of which Telemach Slovenia is a member, announced today that it will donate €1 million to two charities.

The money will go to the International Medical Corps, which provides emergency medical care and other emergency services to people in emergency situations, and the Ukrainian charity Bright Kid, which helps sick, disabled and orphaned children.

The United Group is shocked and stunned by the continued devastation of Ukraine and the suffering of its citizens. We sympathize with the innocent victims of this war and all those affected.

Victoria Boklough, CEO of United GroupHe said: “Human life is the most valuable thing in the world and the most important task for us is to do everything possible to maintain peace. I am a Ukrainian citizen and members of my family have remained in the country, so this war is a personal tragedy for me.”

By making a donation, the United Group wants to alleviate the suffering of those most vulnerable to war. They include refugees, families unable to flee the fighting, and children in hospitals and orphanages.

Money will be allocated Providing health care and basic necessities such as medical equipment, medicines, diapers, mobile medical units, food, and health and hygiene supplies.

Donated by United Group Complements other initiatives to support victims of the war in Ukraine in the group and the companies that make it up. Already at the beginning of the Russian aggression in Ukraine, Telemach Slovenija made free calls available to all Ukrainian fixed and mobile networks in order to facilitate communication with relatives, friends and colleagues living there on all its users. In addition, it provided free SMS and free data roaming in Ukraine, and immediately created a number allowing SMS donations to various humanitarian organizations.

Donate prepaid packages and mobile access points to refugees who have found and will find sanctuary in accommodation centers all over Slovenia. The company also organized a campaign to collect basic necessities.

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