Public figures: after the victory in Ukraine, it is planned to build its own ground station Starlink

This was stated in the press service of the Ministry of Finance.

Against the background of a large-scale Russian war against Ukraine, American businessman Elon Musk announced that his Starlink satellite network service will begin to operate in Ukraine, and the company will send a number of stations here.

Since then, several Starlink shipments have arrived in Ukraine, broken down by region. And the Starlink application, which allows smartphone users to access the satellite Internet from SpaceX, became the most downloaded in Ukraine.

Starlink is designed to access broadband internet in places where access has been unreliable or completely nonexistent. Starlink satellite internet terminals are currently working to maintain the proper functioning of critical infrastructure and services in the areas of health, finance and energy.

The Ministry of Education notes that the quality of the Internet from Starlink in eastern Ukraine is worse than in the West. This can be explained by the fact that Ukraine does not yet have its own Starlink ground station. The closest stations are in Poland, Lithuania and Turkey.

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