Redmi 10A super cheap with …

The sales of Xiaomi smartphones from the Redmi family are still growing due to the excellent price-performance ratio. This is why Redmi 10A also has a bright future. It is available in the Chinese market for only €99 recalculated.

The Redmi 10A is undoubtedly one of the cheapest 4G smartphones. It is not the most powerful mobile device, but it should satisfy most smartphone users. The device includes a MediaTek Helio G25 mobile processor, four or six GB of system memory, and an onboard memory of 64 GB or 128 GB (depending on the version). A 16.6 cm or 6.53 inch screen is available for displaying images. This is also suitable for viewing more demanding content.

The Redmi 10A smartphone also takes excellent care of taking photos and video conferencing. This will allow the main digital cameras to have a resolution of 13 megapixels. Long battery life is provided by a 5000 mAh battery. MIUI 12.5 operating system installed on the memory.

As mentioned earlier, the Redmi 10A smartphone is currently sold only in China. Sooner or later, it will also go on sale on the European market. For the entry-level version of the novelty (4 GB / 64 GB), a recalculated € 99 must be deducted. The slightly more powerful version (4GB/128GB) costs €113 recalculated, while the more powerful version of the Redmi 10A smartphone (6GB/128GB) costs €127 recalculated.

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