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Running is an easy and affordable sport, since it is available to practically anyone, anywhere and anytime, and you do not need expensive special equipment for it. But every sport needs to be approached with rationality and knowledge.

Most likely, skiing or swimming would not have started without a coach at first, while there are thousands of unsupervised runners in the world. However, since running relies on repeating the same movement, proper technique and stress management are key to improving results and preventing injuries. That’s why Huawei has implemented smartwatch technology that easily takes on the role of a personal trainer and includes solutions for recreational and professional runners.

How do we better understand running performance and why is it important?

It’s more difficult to find more natural movement than running, but there are many other elements to consider when starting to engage in running and when planning to advance to a higher level. For example, running speed, distance, body strength, stamina, technique and recovery ability are just a few of the wisdoms to consider for safe and effective training. Not understanding what a rational exercise plan should be can lead to an overestimation or underestimation of personal abilities, loss of motivation, or even injury in extreme cases.

Because of the above, both recreational and professional runners should seek occasional professional advice and part-time training under the supervision of an experienced coach. However, this is no longer the only option, as Huawei has introduced a smartwatch designed for runners. Equipped with new and ground-breaking technologies such as the Ability to Run Index (RAI) and Dynamic Intelligent Adaptation Plan, Huawei Watch GT Runner provides a complete understanding of physical capabilities and planning for safer and more effective workouts.

The RAI indicator allows you to understand the science of operation

Running ability index is a Huawei-exclusive feature that is based on Huawei TruSport’s high-precision motion tracking technology and combines important elements to assess effective running ability. Based on the history of heart rate, pace, distance, step frequency and other multi-dimensional data, the new watch accurately analyzes the user’s operating skills, workload during training, and potential goals. He also knows how to monitor and evaluate running technique, which is especially suitable for advanced long-distance runners, as they are more prone to injuries due to overload.

The RAI is the basis for a smart dynamic adjustment plan that solves another important problem for every runner – how to follow a training program. If you get injured or just need a longer break. In such cases, it is difficult to get back on track, to the previous intensity of running. Designed for such cases, the smart plan is designed to facilitate returns. Training proposals for the next week are aligned with the implementation of the current week’s plan, which means that the training program realistically adapts to current capabilities and thus ensures controlled progress.

Huawei Watch GT Runner was developed in collaboration with scientists from specialized medical laboratories. Thanks to the new module (PPG 5.0), the optical sensor achieves an accuracy of 97.4% between different applications, which is comparable to the accuracy of dedicated heart rate ranges.

The most accurate satellite tracking

The Huawei Watch GT Runner also offers excellent capabilities for monitoring satellite signals despite its compact and lightweight body. Support is provided by GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS satellite systems. In addition, the watch has a built-in dual-band, five-system receiver (GNSS chip) with a “suspended” antenna hidden in the “ears” of the polymer fiber casing. This reduces interference to radio reception caused by metallic materials. The innovative design improves signal reception by 135% compared to the traditional design, which solves the problem of balancing the accuracy of satellite tracking and the design of the built-in smart watch. This enables accurate tracking at the marathon level, without changing the track recorded from the running track.

A smart watch instead of a personal trainer

With the help of a RAI indicator, smart training plan, and virtual trainers, Huawei Watch GT Runner offers everything you need for serious science-based running. Novice, recreational, and even professional runners will be impressed by the capabilities and information you provide. Additionally, it provides monitoring of physiological signs not directly related to running, such as sleep quality, stress levels, or your menstrual cycle. The 14-day battery life is also not necessary.

What are you waiting for, put on your running shoes and discover the possibilities that the Huawei Watch GT Runner has to offer. Above all, have fun running!

Connected device ecosystem

The Huawei Watch GT Runner joins our wide range of other Huawei devices. First, Huawei P50 Pocket, Huawei P50 Pro, Huawei nova 9 and Huawei nova 8i, followed by the Watch GT 3 series of smartwatches, MateView displays, MateView GT and the very beautiful and innovative FreeBuds Lipstick earphones.

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