ASRock used controllers…

Cryptocurrency mining mostly uses graphics cards designed to play the most graphically demanding games. Nvidia is posting record profits, while the main target group, gamers, don’t have the right choice of buying a graphics card, at least not at retail. Fortunately, many companies are developing solutions designed exclusively for cryptocurrency mining. Among them is the company AsRock.

ASRock has developed a crypto-mining device that actually uses the permanent components of the PlayStation 5 game consoles. This is the ASRock Minig RIG 61, which uses up to 12 AMD BC-250 processor units to mine cryptocurrency. It is based on eight Zen 2 processor cores and 16 thread processors and provides enough power for cryptocurrency mining purposes.

The performance of the ASRock Mini RIG 61 is comparable to five Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 graphics cards, meaning it can produce up to 610Mbps of power at full load. In addition, there is 16 GB of graphics memory, five cooling fans, and two 1200W power supplies. And the novelty of course is not cheap. €13,499 will have to be deducted for the purchase of the ASRock Minig RIG 61.

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