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Do not imagine, electric scooters flooded the streets of the largest cities of the world in a very short time, including Ljubljana. why? What is the secret of their success?

Before we move on to the technical reasons such as the price, virtually no maintenance, comfort…let’s first stop with the most innocent reasons for the popularity of electric scooters – the fun. Some of you still remember your childhood or teenage years, when I raced with friends on non-electric scooters back then. Also remember the tricks you did with the scooter and how you would get hurt if the scooter hits you with the flute. Electric scooters allowed us to relive childhood.

Scooters have always been “inside” and with the shift to electric bikes, they are becoming more and more fun. Adults can feel like teenagers again, while at the same time benefiting from the convenience of electric driving to commute to work or errands. Most e-scooters exceed 20 kilometers per hour, which is fast enough to feel the wind in your hair and not so fast that you don’t feel safe on the road.

People who go to work in the capital every day are well aware of the hardships that await you in the streets of Ljubljana. As you stand at intersections and wait for traffic lights to pity you, you watch helplessly as some ride carelessly on sidewalks with electric scooters. Regardless of your attitude towards electric motors, you are definitely a little jealous of the moment of freedom that electric scooters offer.

The entertainment factor complements the technical reasons mentioned at the beginning.

Electric scooters are a complete package of fun, convenience and efficiency

Many of you decide your purchases based on what you get for a certain price. If you find a product that offers you a few advantages at a competitive price or makes a certain area of ​​life easier, you will definitely consider buying it seriously. Since the electric scooter is a means of transportation, we need to compare it with other means of transportation, such as cars and public transportation for passengers.

Electric scooters are an incomparably cheaper option for city driving. A car can quickly become a money pit. In recent years, public passenger transportation has become a convenient solution with subsidies, which many are taking advantage of diligently. As a result, the number of cars and the possibility of long poles also decreases. However, the cost of public transportation for passengers can reach hundreds of euros per year (depending on the distance). If we recalculate, we can get an electric scooter that does not require special maintenance for the same price. It only needs regular refilling, and for your security you only need a helmet. At the same time, by using the electric scooter, you will not share your personal space with a group of other migrant workers daily, and you will never get stuck in the hustle and bustle of the city.

The electric scooter is also easy to carry. Some are foldable as well. This allows it to be used in a variety of scenarios. If you live and work in the city, commute to work with an electric scooter. When you arrive, simply fold or lift it and place it next to your desk. If you live too far from your workplace, you are forced to drive part of the way. In this case, you can leave the car on the outskirts of the city in the appropriate parking lots and ride the rest of the way on an electric scooter. However, for short distances, electric scooters are the kings of the street, with only the occasional red light at a traffic light standing in their way. Parking an e-scooter is worry-free compared to a car.

Although you hear this at almost every turn, we must not ignore the positive impact of electric scooters on the environment. If we are to ensure a green future for future generations, the electrification of transportation is a step in the right direction.

Which electric scooter is right for you?

As with any purchase, the choice of e-scooter depends on you and your needs. Below we present 5 different electric bikes, and it is up to you to decide which one suits you best.

Velociptor NRG: Comfort and Safety

The Velociptor NRG electric scooters are the latest models in the Velociptor e-scooter family. We were attracted by the affordable price, a 350W motor with three different speeds, a range of 25 km, a built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 36 V / 7.5 Ah, special “honeycomb” bikes, which will allow you to ride even on rough terrain without fear of How a sharp stone broke through rubber. The latest Velociptor electric scooter also features an integrated display on the steering wheel, front and rear LED lights, and disc brakes on the rear tire for added safety.

Velociptor Climb: The most powerful engine on the market

If you want the best of the best, then the Velociptor Climb Electric Scooter is the right candidate for you. Created to conquer the most demanding terrain. The monster 500W motor will ensure that you can easily conquer any major slope. The high capacity battery (13Ah/48V) has enough power for a range of up to 35km. With 10-inch “off-road” inflatable tires and up to six shock absorbers, you won’t feel like you’re driving on more demanding roads. The front and rear electronic disc brakes will ensure safe stopping.

Velociptor EVO: Attractive Wooden Appearance

Key Features: 28 km range, 350 watt motor, electronic disc brake, 8.5 inch honeycomb wheels, blue LED lighting. In addition to the electric goods listed, the Velociptor EVO electric scooter is stunning with its multi-layer anti-slip wooden base, a smartphone app and a USB port for charging smart devices while driving.

Velocipator Street: Designed for the streets

Why is the Velociptor Street Electric Scooter ideal for city driving? There are direction indicators and a display in the handlebars that allow you to clearly show your intentions to other participants while you are driving. 12-inch inflatable tires, a powerful 450W motor and a 10Ah lithium battery with an autonomy of up to 28km ensure a comfortable and fast drive around the city.

Velociptor skill: lightweight and mobile

The Velociptor Skill Electric Scooter is made with a lightweight, foldable aluminum frame. The end result is a weight of 10 kilograms, which gives the Skill electric scooter superior mobility. The ride will be even more exciting thanks to the 350W motor, durable tires, electric rear brakes, dynamic color display and an excellent range of 25 km. You can choose from three colors: military green, white and black.

For more information and for an additional display of electric scooters, visit the website www.bonajo.si.

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