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She-on.com presents 35 practical awards and a dream wedding.

Of course you know the online dating service that ranks first in Slovenia. Sparrows are already tweeting about the fact that it’s she-on.com. ok too google trends (see below) proves the fact that the first choice for Slovenes is ona-on.com.

did you know 1: How many pairs have already been created with the help of ona-on.com? did you know 2: Are Slovenes more traditional when it comes to love and seduction, or do we like more modern styles? do you know 3: Who are Marinka and Damjan?

Source: Google Trends

Live data: https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?geo=EN&q=ona%20on,onaon,twoo,tinder,badoo

We’ll have the answer to the first two questions in a month or so, right. It’s a big one Survey dating award and slovenes, where we ask what customs do Slovenes follow when love is at stake. Leave your mark too. Fill out the survey, be part of the Slovenian stats and with some luck get one of the prizes.

Fill out the survey now. We promise you will also have fun while surveying. Among all the participants, we will draw 35 winners who will receive practical and beautiful prizes. checks…

Marinka and Damjan: Wedding Dream 8 at the door

The answer to the third question (from Marinka and Damjan) has been known for a long time. They are the cute Primorax who participated in the contest Our Story – We Met On Her And he got a dream wedding. Their wedding is organized by ona-on.com in association with omisli.si/poroko.

Marinka and Damjan’s story has one thing in common with 28,000 Slovenian couples. Namely, they all met on the largest Slovenian dating service ona-on.com. Otherwise, their story is unique, romantic and interesting.

In fact, it all started in 2016. At first, they exchanged only a few messages, but the conversation somehow did not start. About six months later, Damjan wrote to Marinca again, and then communications went in the right direction. This was followed by the first date, which was much longer than originally planned. Then the second and third. They often saw each other, but soon decided to live together.

Despite the distance (Ljubljana-Koper), the attraction and love between them was strong enough to cross obstacles and begin to live together. Now they have another important step ahead – marriage. We have the honor to be a part of their story and together with the other partners we will conjure up for them a magical day they dream about, which will be on April 30, 2022.

The rescue came as follows:

Omisli.si: Co-planner of the wedding – all providers in one place
Pleasure Agency: Wedding Organization
Photo and video Matjaž Tavčar
Hulk Jewelry: Wedding Rings
Music: DJ Dady
Cotton fabric: a dress for the bride and groom
Studio JJ&T: Hairstyles & Make-up
MVM doo: Invitations and other printed materials
Al-Mallin: The place to celebrate the wedding
Dream bouquet: flowers and a bouquet of flowers
Anja Cakes: Wedding Cake
KoKjut: Engraving and Creation
Lapolita: School of Dance

Has your love spread on ona-on.com too? Let us know and be an inspiration to all those who are still looking for love, at the same time get a bundle of 6 gifts. Almost every couple who trusts their story in a few sentences receives a six-pack of pampering (Kitchen, Wellness, Socializing in Nature, Sweet Surprise, ().Check out what awaits you and submit your story now!

Perhaps you are also thinking of marriage? A dream wedding can be yours with some effort! Find out how to get to a dream wedding.

Check also: Dream Wedding 2022 pre-interview – What did Marinka and Damjan have planned for their dream day with us.

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