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Presenter and sympathetic influencer Tara Zupančič was recently excited about the latest Xiaomi phone 12, which captures every moment of the day and reveals that the phone is also her morning companion.

“The latest Xiaomi 12 has become my faithful companion in all activities,” he laughs. “It still looks pretty awful, but the truth is that it’s become an organic extension of our hand. (Laughter) I wouldn’t go anywhere without it, but of course it helps me more at work. I think my whole life, my creativity, my organization, my lifestyle is structured on that,” notes Tara, who I was most impressed by Xiaomi’s fast charging and exceptional shots that it makes.

Tara describes her phone: “In the morning, I think it’s the best companion who brings with him news, plans, and new challenges.” “Besides coffee, it’s good to browse those apps that don’t belong to the ‘company’ itself.”

Have you ever postponed it?

“Of course. I only postpone it for the evening, because you just have to have some peace in life,” said the kind Gorenska, who has already won many advantages of the last comrade. “The Xiaomi 12 has impressed me with its exceptional ability to capture high-quality images, personalization, and respond quickly to multitasking,” he reveals.

What if you go without a phone for two days? “I will definitely miss the camera and write silly letters with my best friend during this time.”

Why is the Xiaomi 12 so special?

“Definitely because of the camera,” Tara fired from a cannon and said she’s been shooting great shots lately, precisely because of her best mate.

Xiaomi 12 allows you to record studio-quality footage regardless of the situation, whether it requires lighting conditions or moving objects. The Xiaomi 12 features a professional array of triple cameras for versatile photography, with the main camera being a 50MP wide-angle camera with 8K video recording capability.

In addition to the great hardware, the 12 series, the Xiaomi 12 Pro and the Xiaomi 12 take a step forward when it comes to Xiaomi’s patented AI algorithms. These innovations make it easier for users to work, as they capture every moment in perfection, even in low light or moving objects. Xiaomi ProFocus intelligently recognizes and tracks objects and prevents blurred or out-of-focus shots of moving or obscured objects. New features include autofocus and face detection capabilities. Ultra Night Video uses Xiaomi’s patented video recording algorithms even in extremely low light, meaning that mood shots are clearer than ever.

The AI ​​Cinema Mode, available on all three devices, offers a number of one-touch creative video editing options, such as Parallel World, Freeze Frame Video and Magic Zoom

capital letter sound

No truly cinematic experience is complete without professional audio. The Xiaomi 12 Series features SOUND BY Harmon Kardon and creates an amazing audio experience powered by Dolby Atmos® technology. This surround sound delivers stunning detail, clarity, and realism for complete entertainment. Xiaomi 12 Pro’s quad speakers – in the form of two subwoofers and two subwoofers – deliver crisp detail and cover an impressive range of sound. Both Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12X deliver balanced stereo sound, ideal for in-depth gaming or video playback.

To further improve the core user experience, the Xiaomi 12 series includes the MIUI 13 interface, which was introduced globally earlier this year. The update includes faster storage, more efficient background process, smarter processing, and longer battery life. New features include Xiaomi’s patented liquid storage, micro memory, focused algorithms, and smart balance.

Charging the next generation

To enable the Xiaomi 12 Series to deliver a professional all-day cinematic and entertainment experience, the devices boast a new generation of speed and security.

Xiaomi 12 Pro has a Xiaomi HyperCharge charger with an incredible power of 120W. Ultra-powerful 4600mAh battery fully charged in Boost mode in just 18 minutes. Xiaomi 12 Pro offers next-generation charging capability in line with user requirements and this is also the thing that impressed Taro, as its phone charges very quickly from start to finish.

A great gift when you buy a new Xiaomi 12 phone

From April 1 to 10, 2022, a special campaign to buy a smartphone is taking place.

In the special offer, you get the Xiaomi S1 Watch Active when you purchase the Xiaomi 12 Pro and the Xiaomi 12.

Buying the Xiaomi 12X will get you the Xiaomi Buds 3 by April 10th.

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