The heartbeat will soon be able to …

Due to the numerous cloud storage applications, different email accounts, online forums, confidential notes or electronic banking services, we need to remember dozens of usernames and passwords. In addition, it must be changed regularly. If we want to follow the rules in practice, we need to turn to a program password manager, with which we can securely store all our passwords.

Nowadays, login passwords are no longer enough, as they are relatively easy to steal. As a result, more and more users are also turning to biometric login mechanisms, such as fingerprints. However, researchers from Spanish and Iranian universities are convinced that they can use a heartbeat method instead of a fingerprint for additional registration. This should vary greatly from person to person.

In the field of mobile devices in particular, the possibility of additional user-dependent heart rate testing should be considered. For example, this method of recording can be introduced into the field of smart watches, since they are already equipped with heart rate monitors. This way, you can unlock a locked device automatically without entering a password or using other login methods, such as a fingerprint. It will be interesting to see in which direction this type of technology will develop.

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