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The Huawei nova series of smartphones is very popular among younger users. And for good reason. They are affordable, high quality, beautifully designed and equipped with amazing cameras.

Enjoy the versatile camera

The camera is an essential component of any smartphone due to the desire to capture the beauty that surrounds us everywhere and always. So the new Huawei nova 9 SE smartphone is equipped with a four-camera system, which is powered by artificial intelligence algorithms. With 108 million main cameras, an 8 million camera with an ultra-wide-angle lens, a close-up camera of 2 million and a camera for capturing scene depth data. The main camera, which has an exceptional f/1.9 aperture sensor, with exceptional image detail and performance in all lighting conditions, allows you to unleash your creativity anywhere, anytime.

The new Huawei 9 SE smartphone also offers versatility in photography. The 112-degree ultra-wide-angle camera will ensure you have everything you want in the scene, while the telephoto doesn’t miss any detail and the depth provides the effect of a blurred background. Either way, thanks to Huawei’s built-in cameras, the new 9 SE preserves the feelings and ensures that you can easily and qualitatively turn an important moment in your life into a long-term memory.

With videos driving the media world crazy, it’s clear that young people want to take video creation into their own hands. It doesn’t matter if it’s a YouTube role or a short post on TikTok, they always want to be up to date and at the same time expect their smartphone camera to keep up with their needs. Undoubtedly, they will be able to appreciate the continuous shooting feature of the front and rear camera, which allows you to seamlessly switch scenes from one photo to another and back in a continuous shot. Thanks to the Dual View feature, you can even shoot video simultaneously from both perspectives to capture your reaction to what’s happening in front of you. In addition, the new Huawei 9 SE smartphone offers easy access to the Petal Clip video editing tool, which significantly speeds up the creation of exceptional video content. The app offers a wide range of video editing functions, including special effects, stickers, sound effects, fonts, and other elements that you are also happy to include in your work.

This is far from everything. If you connect your new Huawei 9 SE smartphone to a smartwatch, such as the Huawei Watch GT series models, you don’t have to ask passersby to take pictures of you. Just put the phone somewhere and activate the launcher on the watch screen.

Enjoy the facilities

Thanks to the long battery life, you will never miss a new post, message or video. Since keeping young people in touch is paramount, the new Huawei 9 SE smartphone offers an ultra-powerful 66W charging. In just 15 minutes, the battery will be charged to 60%, while it is fully charged in 36 minutes. This allows you to take full advantage of Huawei’s single-cell battery design, which has 10% more capacity and 5% longer life than previous generation batteries. There will be plenty of time to charge the battery during your morning routine, so you never have to charge it overnight.

Although the new Huawei 9 SE smartphone is thin and light, its capabilities are not surprising. A thin layer of graphene with high thermal conductivity ensures effective heat dissipation, which is a condition for optimal operation. Compared with the usual thickness, it increases the cooling capacity by up to 30%. Thanks to the design, the new smart display can also detect hot spots, further improving cooling. Practically speaking, this means that it easily offers you to enjoy watching videos or playing games without any distraction.

Enjoy the beautiful beauty

It is important for younger users to be able to adapt the devices to their personal style, as this gives them more opportunities to express their personality. The new Huawei 9 SE smartphone is impressive with a 17.2 cm (6.78 inch) Huawei FullView display and 90 Hz. At the same time, it is not important that the bezels around the screens are only 1.05 mm thick, the phone body is 7.94 mm thick, and the beautifully designed module with Star Orbit Ring cameras raises the visual experience to a higher level. .

Huawei is constantly pushing the boundaries of design to enhance the visual experience. Huawei’s new 9 SE offers an incredible screen-to-body ratio of 94.85%, far more than most modern smartphones offer.

The new phone is also impressive from the back. The back is made of shiny curved glass with clear crystal texture. It is available in three colors, crystal blue, pearl white, and night black, satisfying the aesthetics of each individual. With beautiful colors, a large screen and a lightweight body, the new Huawei 9 SE smartphone will be a comfortable and elegant addition to your lifestyle.

Enjoy unlimited smart calling

Thanks to the new version of EMUI 12, you will enjoy a very smooth user experience that is not only convenient, but also stable and reliable.

With EMUI 12, Huawei has combined different menus in the Control Panel. All you have to do is swipe your finger on the top edge of the screen and you already have access to the audio, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth settings. It also makes it easier to control more devices than if you were just running one, whether you connect Huawei wireless headphones, speakers, or a Huawei Vison display to your phone. You can also connect your phone to your Huawei laptop while working and enjoy wireless connectivity, easy file sharing (thanks to a distributed file system), and more efficient and productive work.

Enjoy a wide range of the most popular apps

The new smartphone 9 SE from Huawei is not only distinguished by its superior performance and design, the carefully designed AppGallery mobile application store provides a complete user experience. Equipped with innovative HMS mobile services that deliver a smarter, richer, more convenient and more secure user experience, it gives the user access to the AppGallery App Store, the powerful versatile Petal Search engine and Petal Maps.

In the AppGallery, users can access all the global and local apps they need, from social networks like TikTok and Snapchat, chat rooms like Viber and Telegram, and transportation like Bolt to financial networks like Revolut and Curve. Fun games like Deezer and Tidal, travel games like Booking.com and popular games like Lords Mobile and Gardenscapes.

In creating the user experience, Huawei has also placed special emphasis on access to banking and financial applications. In the past year alone, more than 300 major international and domestic banks, including NLB, NKBM, Sparkasse, Sberbank, Intesa Sanpaolo, Addiko Bank and mBills in Slovenia, joined. Huawei users can now pay with their phones, thanks to an NFC contactless payment solution.

Through the Petal Search engine, you can access applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Signal, Twitter, Twitch, Discord, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Netflix, Spotify, and others.

Whether you enjoy logging in, taking pictures or playing games, the design of the new Huawei 9 SE smartphone will encourage you to unleash your creativity and enjoy life. At the same time, it also provides all the top features that are necessary in a beautiful and shiny home.

Enjoy peace of mind

The first buyers of the Huawei nova 9 SE, which is already available in Slovenia, will get a special feature. When you buy your phone between March 28 and June 28, 2022, you’ll also get 12 months of screen protection against damage, which applies to bumps, drops, and distress. If the mobile phone screen is broken due to an accident during the applicable protection period, you can replace the original screen assembly at once for free at no additional cost. This way, you will always be able to go about all your adventures with the phone without any worries.

Connected device ecosystem

The Huawei nova 9 SE smartphone joins the wide range of other Huawei devices we have available. First of all, there is the Huawei P50 Pocket, Huawei P50 Pro, Huawei nova 9 and Huawei nova 8i, followed by the Watch GT 3 smartwatches, the MateView and MateView GT displays, the very beautiful and innovative FreeBuds Lipstick and the Huawei smartwatch for runners. Watch GT Runner.

For more information, visit: Consumer.huawei.com/si

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