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For users of Huawei smartphones, for example, a new gadget available for the new 9 SE from Huawei, is looking for ways to install Google apps. GSpace allows quick installation and unlimited use on devices with HMS mobile services.

The usability of the application is much wider. It not only allows the installation of Google applications, but also some other applications, such as Uber and Spotify, which greatly expands the access of Huawei smartphone users to the most popular applications or to the entire range of the Google mobile store. Which one is more desirable? YouTube, Spotify, and Shazam are definitely in the lead. This is followed by navigation with Google Maps, use of the Google Duo messaging system, easy access to Google Drive cloud storage, and the ability to use a Google Docs collection. Parents will also enjoy Google Family Link, which is considered one of the best parental control systems.

The main advantage of GSpace is its ease of use and full functionality of downloaded applications, including notification systems and upgrades. For example, if you install the Instagram app, you will immediately start receiving likes and followers. Microsoft Teams video conferencing users will also be notified when it’s time to run.

Although using the GSpace app is very simple and intuitive, below we provide you with brief instructions or a user guide.

Step 1

First, open the AppGallery on your phone, which already contains a large number of popular global and local applications. Among them you can find the applications TikTok, SnapChat, Viber and Telegram. You can also check store categories and make sure you have everything you need on your device.

Step 2

Find and download the Gspace app from AppGallery. This will allow you to access all the apps in the Google Mobile Store. Among them, you will probably be very interested in YouTube, Messenger, Gmail, Instagram, Google Maps and Google Photos. Simply touch their icon to download it to your device.

Step 3

Make sure you have a Google account, as you will need to sign in with the Google Play Store. The selected applications will be downloaded from the said store and displayed in the Gspace application environment. Keep in mind that these are not some kind of web applications, but fully functional mobile applications.

Step 4

After downloading the selected application, it will be installed in a virtual environment created by the Gspace application. Don’t let that bother you, you can make a shortcut to it on your phone’s desktop. If you hold your finger on the icon in the Gspace screen, the “Create Shortcut” option will appear. This way, accessing the app will be the same as accessing it on third-party phones.

For Huawei phone users, GSpace does not mean to put out a fire, but it is an additional option for rare cases when you do not find the required application in the AppGallery or other source. Above all, usage is very simple and fast. However, its essence is that thanks to her, there is no longer any application for Android that, for one reason or another, will not work on devices with HMS mobile services.

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