Google and iFixit together to make it easier…

According to many, Apple is the company that makes it difficult to repair their devices on their own, while repairing in licensed services is usually not cheap. Large amounts of glue, non-standard screws, and the complex internal structure of the device often make it difficult to replace batteries, screens, or other parts of the device. However, if the user replaces it, various error messages begin to appear on the screen, and certain functions stop working.

Recently, there has been an amazing transformation, at least when it comes to the latest Apple devices. The computer giant released a statement announcing the start of a self-service reform program. This program will allow customers who believe that they can do this to purchase all the necessary tools and original spare parts for repairs with their own hands at home. It appears that rival Google has recently warmed up to this approach.

To this end, Google has entered into a special alliance with iFixit, which is already known as a place to buy spare parts for many mobile devices. Google and iFixit will initially provide original parts for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones, and later for others. It will also be available to order in the European Union. With a little luck, we may be able to purchase Google parts with detailed instructions in Slovenia as well.

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