The original angry birds are back

The original Angry Birds game returns to small screens, for both Android and iOS, without additional in-game purchases.

Angry Birds was one of the first to feature games on old iPhones and Android devices, and eventually created an empire of related games and movies. However, the game that started it all hasn’t been officially available for quite some time now, as Rovio has focused on newer sequels to the classic video game Angry Birds.

On the game’s 10th anniversary (is anyone else feeling old?), the original Angry Birds game is back in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The original Angry Birds game was quietly pulled from mobile app stores in 2019. Rovio, which is also responsible for all this, said in August 2019 that the removal was for “testing purposes,” without delving into its decision.

However, the game is now finally back with an overhaul, titled Rovio Classics: Angry Birds. The updated version has remained true to the original game, but instead of the original game-making platform, the new game uses the more traditional Unity platform.

Rovio said in a blog post that using Unity creates a “more sustainable gaming platform that will be available on newer devices, while maintaining the original 2012 Angry Birds experience.”

Despite being close to the original game, there are a few changes – the game costs just under €1 in the App Store and Google Play, instead of being free and supported by ads and in-app purchases like the original version. For example, while the add-on “Mighty Eagle” required real money in the original game, there is now a simple button that can be used for perfect competition at no additional cost.

The game is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Android version requires Android 6.0 or later, while iOS works on all devices with iOS 13 or later. Unfortunately, the app is not available for installation in macOS, although it does require additional development work for Macs.

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