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One of the most common questions asked when buying an electric bike is how many miles can be traveled on a single battery charge.

Battery range depends on many factors, such as driving conditions and driving style. Sometimes you will drive only 40 km due to difficult terrain conditions, but the same battery power will “take” you up to 140 km in better conditions.

battery capacity: The battery is the storage of electricity that the motor needs to run. Storage size is called capacity. The higher the battery capacity, the more kilometers you will be able to ride with the help of an e-bike motor. Battery capacity is a major factor affecting mileage. Comtron doo offers batteries in capacities from 378 watts (watts) to 756 watts.

Other factors in consumption: Assist level, rider weight, road cushioning, air resistance, road condition, cruising times, cycling speed, tire pressure, cyclist’s body weight, outside temperature and pedal speed (cadence).

Ranging according to battery capacity

The charts below show the standard Econo battery range along with a mid-drive and touring bike.

756 Wh battery

630 Wh battery

504Wh . battery

378 watt battery

Range according to engine assist level selection

The Econo’s range is largely dependent on the engine’s assist level. You can usually choose from several different driving modes, some of which are described below. The graph shows their impact on the range in favorable and challenging conditions.

The chart below shows the range in the case of the center motor with Econo Tube M 36V 504Wh (14Ah) considering different assistance levels.

Level 1

Level 2

3 . level

level 4

Ranging according to engine selection

The type of motor we use also greatly affects the battery range: center, front and rear, depending on the built-in sensor (torque sensor, speed sensor). The chart below shows the range in the case of the Econo Tube M 36V 504Wh (14Ah).

middle engine

rear engine

Econo Equus

If you want to spend your free time on a bike actively on long cycling trips and take an interest in the environmental future of our planet, then the Econo Equus e-bike is designed for you in three versions.

From an easy city tour to a leisure mountain tour – the Econo Equus can do it all!

The Econo Equus is a stylish mountain e-bike, suitable for everyday use as well as for adventures off-road and challenging terrain. With an enviable 870Wh battery, the Econo Equus will take you anywhere. You can rent a bike from the store and try it out for a free two-hour test. Other Econo e-bike models are also available, find your fit!

You can read more about this bike and all the other models at econo.eu.

Econo is a brand of bicycles manufactured in Slovenia, created in the company Comtron doo

The future of cycling is healthy, fun and active, as e-bikes offer a new approach in the age of mobility and allow you to have a creative perception of life using modern technology. Make sure! (Public relations)

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