The first solid-state capacity 200…

Nowadays, storage space is never enough, and still that on solid state drives is growing very slowly to meet the needs of the most demanding people. However, the situation in this area is improving, which was clearly indicated by Nimbus when the preparation of the new product began. Their latest SSD will be able to store up to 200TB of data, which is definitely enough for the most demanding users or businesses.

Nimbus will roll out its 200TB solid state plant before the end of this year. Of course, SSDs will not be intended for ordinary users. These will be primarily intended for companies and research centers. In order to use the new Nimbus hard drives, it will be necessary to have powerful hardware, which is expected to be anything but cheap.

An interesting 200TB solid-state drive is likely to be available in a 3.5-inch format. This will be done using TLC / QLC NAND technology. Either SATA or SAS will be available for data transfer. Modernity, of course, will not be cheap. Currently, for a solid-state drive with a capacity of 100 TB for Nimbus, a recalculated 36.7 thousand euros must be debited. More information about the newcomer is likely towards the end of the year.

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