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Robotic lawn mowers are becoming increasingly popular among gardening enthusiasts due to their diligence, convenience and independence. What sets the Automower 550 EPOS apart from other mowers?

If you’ve ever had to organize your surroundings, whether at home or at work, you’ve probably heard of robotic lawn mowers. These are high-tech devices that automatically take care of mowing and caring for the lawn with the help of a border cable. It looks great, doesn’t it? Why spend hours and hours maintaining your garden when a robotic assistant can do it for you? Its advantages (independence, shear quality, almost zero maintenance) are hard to resist, so more and more families and organizations are leaning towards automating environmental maintenance.

Like other areas, the development of robotic lawn mowers is progressing unsustainably. But what is the next evolutionary stage for truly autonomous robotic lawn mowers? Until now, classic robotic lawnmowers required a boundary cable to define the boundaries of the working surface. They have proven to be a reliable solution, as we in the editorial office have been testing this type of robotic lawn mower for more than a decade and there have been no major problems so far. Motorized lawn mowers are not prone to damage, but an accident can occur to the boundary wire, which is replaced by a forest animal for a snack or destroyed while aerating the lawn. Husqvarna, who had been cultivating their love of landscape since 1689, decided to put an end to it.

They introduced the Husqvarna Automower 550 EPOS robotic lawn mower, which cuts cables and befriends satellite navigation. We’ve had the opportunity to take a closer look at how it works, what it needs to work and what it means to keep lawns.

What is EPOS technology?

Before installing, let’s first explain what drives the Automower 550 EPOS. The answer lies in the name itself. EPOS or Precision Positioning Operating System is an innovative satellite technology for creating virtual boundaries and controlling a robotic lawn mower. However, this is significant as users can finally get rid of border cables. However, the absence of physical elements permanently eliminates cable damage due to ventilation or lawn repair. This simple and flexible solution is ideal for maintaining larger spaces, such as football fields, golf courses, parks, commercial properties and also larger private lawns.

All you need to get it working is a reference station (more on that later), the EPOS app, and an unobstructed sky view. Why it should be without a hitch, let’s take a look at a working example.

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