The first robotic vacuum cleaner to wash…

Modern all-in-one cleaning robots allow us to spend the time we used to spend vacuuming and washing. DEEBOT X1 OMNI wash and dry the fabric itself and more …

First, we got acquainted with robotic vacuum cleaners, then floor washers, and now it’s time to use integrated devices that combine both functions under one roof. And much more.

The DEEBOT X1 family of devices, which includes the DEEBOT X1 OMNI, DEEBOT X1 TURBO and DEEBOT X1 PLUS, together with OMNI’s first all-in-one base station, sets new standards for home robotics. It redefines the future of modern robotic vacuum cleaner development with the industry’s most powerful suction power (5000Pa), the latest AIVI™ 3D technology, TrueMapping 2.0 and the first interactive voice assistant.

Cloth cleaning and drying station

The DEEBOT X1 OMNI is the first robotic vacuum cleaner to control the entire floor cleaning process. In addition to sweeping, sweeping and mopping, the new series with the new base station washes and dries clothes and collects more dust. OMNI is the first ECOVACS integrated base station that integrates and automates dust collection, fabric cleaning, water filling, drying, etc.

The OMNI All-In-One station has a 4 liter clean/dirty water tank for automatic storage and recycling of waste water after cleaning the cloth – and for refilling the tank in the DEEBOT X1 with clean water. DEEBOT X1 OMNI combines two single stations: a cleaning station and an automatic dust tank emptying station. After each cleaning, the base station automatically washes the rags and dries them with warm air.

The DEEBOT X1 family includes the OZMO™️ Turbo 2.0 rotary wiper system. The combination of pressure and high rotation speeds of 180 RPM can effectively clean coffee and soy sauce stains that have already solidified. The combination of a powerful suction system and OZMO™️ Turbo 2.0 ensures that both steps are performed simultaneously and efficiently.

Faster mapping, shorter cleaning time

ECOVACS has added all-new AIVI™ 3D technology to the X1 family, improving the visualization of the robot’s surroundings using laser and visual sensor technologies. The series contains an RGBD sensor, which is the most complex sensor developed by ECOVACS. It incorporates HDR dynamic range technology, so it can accurately capture images and surrounding information even in the dark environment.

TrueMapping 2.0 technology speeds up the mapping process and provides a wider field of view. With support for AIVI™️ 3D technology, ECOVACS adds a third dimension to home mapping. It increases mapping speed by ten times, shortens cleaning time by 25% and allows robots to navigate more accurately.

In addition, ECOVACS strongly believes that language interaction is the most important way for a local robot to interact. The DEEBOT X1 family includes the YIKO voice assistant, which combines audio and visual AI algorithms to enable natural language communication and multimodal interaction. It is also the first AI-powered voice assistant in the robotic home service industry to support veLanguages, but unfortunately Slovenian is not among them. It provides seamless interactions using multiple intelligent voice interaction technologies with AI, including Google Now, providing users with an unprecedented interactive experience.

The built-in camera and two-way audio function allow you to use the ECOVACS HOME app to chat with family members and pets and interact with videos. At the same time, the DEEBOT X1 family is the first and only series of robotic vacuum cleaners in the world to receive TÜV Rheinland certification for privacy and security for software and hardware.

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