The unstoppable Microsoft Edge has become…

The percentage of users of the Microsoft Edge web browser has grown quite well recently. According to a survey by the analytics firm Statcounter, Edge is already used by 9.65 percent of the World Wide Web’s users. This is enough for the second place among browsers. Edge has replaced the Apple Safari web browser, which has a 9.56% market share, from the second place.

The increasingly popular Microsoft Edge is now even better. Version 100 gained the ability to load unused tabs faster. With this option, your computer system can run faster. For each tab in standby mode, the web browser actually saves up to 85 percent of system memory and up to 99 percent of processing power.

In addition, the new Microsoft Edge also provides the ability to run the system faster through the “Performance” feature. This is available by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the browser. Here, the user can actually choose when the Edge web browser will be saved on system resources. The new features are actually a great reason to try out the new Microsoft Edge web browser at least once.

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