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New SIST EN 60839-11-1 Safety Certification: 2013 Class 4

At ČETRTA POT, we are committed to ensuring the high quality and efficiency of our products – software and hardware. Our business approach has always been based on our own production of access control and time and attendance devices, which have always been made with the most reliable security components and comply with Slovenian legislation.

Today we are very proud that we have successfully certified FOURTH WAY access control systems according to security standards. SIST EN 60839-11-1: 2013 with highest safety class (class 4). The new certification replaces the previous standard SIST EN 50133-1, which Slovenian legislation also refers to. The design in accordance with this standard applies to the following products:

The certificate is valid for components and systems used to control access, intended for use in security applications to grant access, and includes requirements for registration, identification, and event control or. data.

Certification of the access control system in accordance with this standard provides users with the highest security of physical protection (class 4) and full compliance with all legislation. The certification also reinforces our mission to provide subscribers with the highest level of user experience security – from ID media (FOURTH PATH DESFire EV3 card with CC EAL6+ certification and FOURTH PATH AES app), mobile apps (Android and iOS tokenization with HSM), ID media readers to AES encryption and SAM security modules), communications (TLS 1.2 and AES) for databases and information security (ISO 27001, ISO 27018, GDPR) and our solution implementation experts (license to implement technical security systems and security permits).

The highest category 4 means that our products are suitable for areas of great importance, such as production facilities, critical infrastructure, financial institutions, government, or facilities of particular importance to national defense. According to customer requirements, access control systems for lower classes can also be configured, which also includes easy door opening.

The certificate obtained, together with ISO and DPO certificates, puts us in a leading position in the implementation of security systems in Slovenia, which is especially important in our time for the protection of personal data, cybersecurity and the digitization of all sub-systems. We are particularly proud that all certified equipment is the result of our own development. This means we have a lot of experience ‘in-house’, allowing for longer systems and components life, high flexibility, scalability, and integration with external systems. This kind of comprehensive solution is our competitive advantage, with which we deviate sharply from all other access control providers in Slovenia and the region.

Congratulations to the whole team for getting the certificate.

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