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Car keys have become microcomputers full of technology, so making new ones isn’t necessarily easy and cheap. The cost can be enormous. However, this can be avoided if you take prevention in time.

In addition to the phone, wallet and apartment keys, car keys are our mandatory equipment. Without it, we get lost right away and in most cases we can start adjusting our daily schedule right away.

As car keys become more advanced, it is important to have at least one spare coded in addition to the key we use. We can tell it beautiful or ugly. We talked about this with the experts of Kljuńćek doo

What has been the progress in the field of car keys in the past 20-30 years?

Advances in car keys have been very significant in recent years. There were times when copy editing was more difficult or easier, but we were always adapting. As far as remote controls are concerned, it has long been the case that they can only be obtained and programmed at an authorized service center, and it was only recently that most car remote controls were manufactured by more specialized locksmiths. Lately it has been the same for so-called smart switches, including high-end and premium brands.

What does a customer need when they come to you for help?

Many switches can only be made on the basis of the same switch, but it is still better to come to us by car to test the operation in practice. We always need a car to make keys with remote control and smart keys, because these keys are programmed into the car and cannot be copied or cloned. For most smart keys and more and more remote controls, we have keys in stock that are exactly the same as the original keys or even original keys, because in some cases they are only suitable for programming on the car. However, most often we offer universal remotes of various shapes, which usually exceed the quality of the original at an incomparably lower price.

The main housing wears out over time, and you may have noticed that you are also offering a replacement.

It is true that car keys are constantly in use, and they have to withstand thousands of button presses, falls, and so on. Mostly the buttons wear out. If this remote control continues to be used, the micro switch in the circuit will also be damaged, and dust and moisture will enter the switch. Therefore, it is advisable to replace the worn housing as soon as possible, since the damage and, accordingly, the cost will only increase. Since authorized services do not provide repairs or replacement of housing, but only the production of a complete turnkey, repairs are incomparably cheaper in our country, sometimes from five to ten times. We can fix most malfunctions, whether it’s replacing the entire casing or replacing micro-transformers or batteries. As new in our branches, we also offer silicone keycaps, which, similar to mobile phones, significantly extend their life.

What are the approximate prices for a copy or backup key?

In the case of encrypted keys, in principle, we are much cheaper than authorized services, since our prices range from 45 to 200 euros. This is the key price with coding and fabrication. You have to be careful with authorized dealers, as they often only mention the key price. It is very different with remote controls and smart keys, some companies have expensive spare parts, the difference in price is much greater. However, some of the prices for original remote controls and smart keys are actually quite affordable. I can assure you that we make a remote control practically straight away, as we always have everything we need in stock.

All indications are that in the future we will use a mobile application instead of keys for this. How safe do you think this would be?

Until now, some switches are a true marvel of technology, as they can actually be used to remotely control certain functions in the car, such as turning on the air conditioner or even moving the car from the parking lot or garage. It makes sense that more and more systems will appear with which we will be able to unlock and start the car over the phone. Let me confirm that we already offer a system with a Bluetooth interface, so that some cars can be unlocked with the help of the phone, and the function of locking and automatic locking is also possible when approaching or moving away from the car. However, the more technology develops and becomes more relevant, the more likely it is that unprepared people will find fault with manufacturers and misuse good technology.

Do you provide any other car services besides keys?

There are a number of faults in various electronic modules and electronic locks, which can be eliminated with our equipment and knowledge. Using the latest equipment, we can also improve the vehicle’s computer and thus increase its power.

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