Do you feel it? There is something in the air

Air purifiers that promise clean air have high expectations. Their promise and mission is to clean the air in your home and remove all pollutants such as bad odors, smoke, pet dander and also viral particles.

Good air purifiers can help mitigate or eliminate the risks posed by indoor pollution and activities. We know several types of air purifiers: portable, UVC, ceiling, wall, HEPA and so on.

However, for an air purifier to be on our list of the best, it needs to be powerful enough to clean the air in even the largest rooms, quiet and undisturbed enough to sleep or do activities near and at a competitive price, it makes sense to have more units and more of rooms.

IDEAL AP40 Pro: Air Purifier With Unparalleled Technology

The compact and powerful IDEAL AP40 Pro Air Purifier combines modern design, exceptional air purification, quiet operation and energy efficiency. The unique design of the device ensures maximum air flow and improved filtration. Multi-layered 360° HEPA filter from indoor air filters harmful particles such as fine dust (PM10, PM2.5, PM0.3, PM0.1), allergens pollen, pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, mold spores, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, chemical fumes and odors unpleasant;

The Easy-Touch center console offers several different cleaning modes: automatic mode, 3 cleaning speeds, turbo mode, and night cleaning. Additional functions such as the timer, child lock and filter status can all be controlled through the dedicated IDEAL Air Pro app.

Perfect air purifiers – an essential component of the Bundesliga handball hygiene plan

An example from practice. The pandemic has largely paralyzed global sport for a long time, including the world’s most famous handball league, the Bundesliga. Even before the season resumed, the leaders were aware that they would have to take certain measures if they were to ensure healthily safe handball matches and events. The priority was to improve conditions for spectators and players, particularly in areas where people could come into contact and in areas where infection risks were high.

They turned to Krug & Priester, a well-known manufacturer of air purifiers and long-term sponsor of the Bundesliga, for help.

This step is primarily intended to control and significantly reduce airborne infections. By this we mean inhalation of infectious droplets, dust particles, or even the pathogens themselves. The first step was to improve the situation in the HBW booth with IDEAL air purifiers.

After consulting with a professional team, it was decided that the best solution for the space available was a ceiling air cleaning unit. 8 high-performance IDEAL AP40 PRO air purifiers are mounted on four high-quality ceiling beams. Its central design ensures optimum airflow velocity without sacrificing valuable floor space. Air purifiers are controlled by a remote control.

“Our air purifiers ensure consistently high air quality thanks to their highly efficient multi-layer filters that remove 99.99% of all mist that can contain pathogens from room air. This significantly reduces their concentration. That is not all. It also removes Allergens, pollen, chemicals and odors Ideal air purifiers also reduce the time harmful pollutants remain in outdoor air by circulating and cleaning the air several times an hour.Thus, our devices complement and improve protection measures such as social distancing, separation walls and disinfection roofs and face masks. We have prepared a really innovative solution for the HBW Pavilion, as it is a facility where there is no possibility of ventilation with open windows.”

The used ceiling beams are suitable for use in private and public places, such as offices, shops, common workshops…

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