4 best apps for everyone…

Whether you are a complete novice in the field of coffee or a connoisseur of coffee, we have prepared a list of applications that can come in handy. Whether it’s for finding new recipes, monitoring the amount of coffee, or simply using a timer.

Here are the best Android and iOS apps for all coffee lovers…

1. FIltru – Best app for general use

An app that offers everything from a timer, instructions for preparing a delicious cup of coffee, a note or. “Diary” versions of drunk coffee. It provides the filter with a good selection of everything that is important in coffee, without going into too much detail. On the other hand, the app is not entirely intended for “coffee beginners”. why? Because you will need a scale to follow all the recipes. However, Filtru is still the app for anyone who might be thinking of a new way to make coffee.

On the main screen, select the method of preparation and provide us with a recipe for the filter. In addition, we find information about all the necessary equipment, the steps we have to follow, and as soon as we press play, the application guides us through the steps in real time.

The option is also to add your own recipe and use the app when you might forget how we actually made the best coffee. Another interesting feature is that the app only calculates the strength of the brewed coffee.

Perhaps the coolest feature, though, is the ability to connect Bluetooth to some scale – there are currently ten models supported. So again, we get real-time feedback on our preparation technique.

The Discover section of the app covers the ability to buy coffee, search for recipes through the Community Filter, or look up celebrity recommendations.

Available for iOS and Android.

2. Brewing timer – the best app to discover new flavors

The Brew Timer app works like a filter, except it’s more flexible. Initially, we choose from 14 different ways to prepare the coffee, but we can also add our own. This is more than any app on our list.

So we start with one of the recipes, use the sliders to adjust the quantities and see the desired temperature. The app guides us through the recipe with audio and video tips, and we always have extra tips and tricks.

A particularly convenient option that the Brew Timer app offers us is that we can create our own video recipe. So if we find a “almost perfect” recipe, we can simply clone it and tweak only the parts we think need tweaking. The alternative is to create your own recipe from scratch.

Finally, we can share our creations with the community. A great way for anyone who thinks they’ve created the best Hario V60 recipe and wants to show it to friends and other users. Fun isn’t it?

Only available for Android.

Preparation timer

3. Bean Conqueror – Best “Coffee Magazine”

This app is for all “coffee nerds”. Sure, there are many coffee lovers out there who would love to write a thing or two about drinking by the cup. Bean Conqueror goes further, allowing more than just a few indents in the note.

Unlike the other apps on this list, there are no recipes in this list. The essence of this app is to record and record ingredients, preparation methods and final grades. We’ll need a mixture of at least one bean to get started. Mill and one way to prepare. You may find this a lot, but it isn’t quite the case. At the initial stage, you can only enter the name into the application and then add additional information as desired. You will be amazed at how much information you can actually enter about coffee.

Among the methods of preparation we find both Standard and Aero Press, and we can also add our own. However, when it comes to evaluating coffee, we can add information such as roasting rate, date, height, harvest month, etc.

Available for iOS and Android.

Fatih bean

4. Fermentation Ratio – The best app that focuses on one feature

This app only does one thing, but it works very well. As the name suggests, the main idea of ​​the app is to find the right relationship. Once you select the required strength, the calculator in the app calculates the amount of coffee and water we need to make it happen.

It probably doesn’t all seem useful at first glance, does it? However, we soon discovered that the quality of coffee preparation is affected by several factors. We can add different amounts of water to the app and instantly get information about how much coffee we need – and vice versa. But that’s not all the app allows us to do. In the Brew Ratio app, you can choose from grams, teaspoons, cups and other units of both water and coffee. Even if we measure coffee by the spoon and water in cups, no problem.

Available for Android.

fermentation rate

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