The new Android 13 is much friendlier…

We might all agree that life without a smartphone is hard to imagine today. Namely, we use it for work and for short periods of time. More and more people are using the phone to play games, so it’s no surprise that these games are becoming more and more interesting for game makers as well. An analysis of the latest version of the software code for the upcoming Android 13 operating system has revealed that mobile devices are the real future of gaming.

The new Android 13 will actually be more friendly to mobile game lovers. This will be equipped with new features that will significantly speed up the download of mobile games. Among all, the GAME_LOADING option will stand out. This will actually make sure that the processor is running at full power when downloading mobile games. In practice, this will mean that the user will spend less time looking at the initial “image” when playing mobile games on more modern Android mobile devices.

Of course, the upcoming Android 13 operating system will offer many other innovations. Among them, the improved graphic interface should be highlighted, which can also be used in conjunction with mobile applications from other manufacturers. Here we also find improved privacy when sharing photos, greater privacy when searching for free Wi-Fi hotspots, and easy language switching. Users will also be pleased with the improved silent playback mechanism and the ability to share photos. More information about the novelty is expected soon.

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