Crypto Plaza & Dragon Corp. They strengthen their position…

Just three weeks ago we announced the joint entry of Crypto Plaza and Dragon Corp. In the Illuvium Project. We are also excited to announce that we have joined Dragon Corp. In a project to create a community within Big Time.

What is Big Time?

A video game that has been on the back burner for two years by the founder of the successful Decentraland metaverse, which aims to serve as the ultimate bridge between classic and NFT Games players, as it has certain characteristics:

  • Free to play: No investment is required to start playing
    This game, like the new batch of video games like Fortnite and others.
  • No wallet: Players will not need to perform any operation related to
    blockchain to start playing, making the transition to NFT gaming much easier.
  • No Pay Per Win: Like Fortnite, only in-game purchases
    It responds to the aesthetic functions, it does not work to be a better player, encouraging
    All players are improving.
  • No WP: does not contain a white paper, which makes it clear that it is not intended to be a play
    Earn, if not play for fun.
  • YouTubers: Already some major content creators like Willirex
    They announced that they will be participating in the game, giving it a potential insight
    Never seen before in NFT games.

However, they made room for investors like us to be the ones to get the NFTs that would be sold later in the game, an opportunity we decided to take advantage of because it’s a project with strong fundamentals.

This investment will allow us to position ourselves as an important player in one of the most promising NFT games today.

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