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Do you also think that many companies are convinced that business telephony has already reached its limit? We are convinced that most of the solutions we encounter in the market, even if they seem perfect, still have room for upgrade. You know how it goes: it’s only when we experience something we didn’t know that we realize we’ve lost it. Learn about the NFON Affiliate Program NGAGE.

If you want to make the most of your company’s potential, the new NFON Partnership Program can be of great help. Easy – the more sales you make, the more benefits and commissions you get. But to prevent you from being left on your own, NFON offers you technical support, sales assistance, and marketing support – throughout the collaboration cycle, not just at the beginning.

Benefits of the NGAGE Partnership Program

At NFON, they are convinced that a strong partnership is the basis for mutual success, so through a new and improved partnership programme, they are setting new rules of the game. NGAGE provides a unified strategic framework for all partners.

Partners have been and will continue to be the foundation of their growth, so they reward them. NFON’s goal is to provide the best possible partnership experience to partners who sell their services.

Some points or advantages of the NGAGE Partnership Program:

  • Different levels of partnerships with clear requirements and benefits
  • Easy approach to cooperation due to low requirements for Silver Partners
  • Fixed and Passive Income Commission Structure
  • Strong partnership thanks to direct support from experts
  • Financial incentives to reward success
  • Extensive and qualified training offer

Silver, Gold and Platinum Partner

Silver is the first phase of the partnership and offers standard services such as NFR business registration and licensing, as well as access to all portals and marketing and technical training.

Gold is the middle level and offers upgrade services like. Direct Touch support and access to project financial support to cover advertising costs.

The upgrade is Platinum, which provides the highest level of support and benefits, as well as access to project financial support for advertising costs.

You are definitely interested in the financial benefits that NGAGE brings

The NGAGE Partnership offers financial incentives and rewards to partners who are particularly successful in their business. For example, if you reach the goal of 40 phone calls in the first 12 months, you will receive an additional commission of €1,000. it’s not like that!

You can also take advantage of the bonus to meet the agreed goals of the Gold and Platinum Partnership rates. NFON will always know how to reward your commitment.

At the same time, you can benefit from financial support for marketing activities. You can also become one of NFON’s Top Sales Representatives and secure membership in the exclusive NGAGE Sales Excellence Club. The best salespeople get special incentives. Thus, you can get €2.50 per phone call for all new registered and completed projects.

There are many benefits, and the details of each course depend on the type and degree of partnership. However, the fact that a rich network of partners is also a great opportunity for networking is not neglected.

NFON will always be by your side

NFON will help as much as possible to keep your business running smoothly. Also with the help of Marketing and Sales Promotion, the already mentioned pre-sales and sales support, as well as after-sales support. With NFON services, you will never ask yourself, “What should I do now?” NFON experts will always change the solution up their sleeve.

You can find more and more details about all the benefits of the NGAGE Partnership Program at LINK.

Now is the time to join the NGAGE Affiliate Program

Thats all about it! Each partner is assigned a contact person and has the opportunity to share information with other NFON partners in the partner community. If you want to become a partner of NFON and wish to take advantage of the NGAGE Partner Program, visit the website.

Special cash back procedure until end of June 2022

One last piece of information, but certainly not the least. In fact, it is very important that you start an article with it. From April until the end of June 2022, NFON has prepared a special CASHBACK campaign for businesses. In this campaign, the partners do not lose any commission, you get a “lead” from NFON, which gives you an instant opportunity to sell, and with all the advantages, you have a great tool on hand to start selling a new product in your wallet.

When an old telephone system is replaced by NFON, the cost of replacement is paid by NFON. More about the campaign and terms and conditions at this link.

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