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If you have ever encountered “hacking” sites, you will easily take part in the Hack Me If You Can Challenge and come out with a logo or. A solution that takes you to a sweepstakes where you compete for the Logitech MK345 Wireless Desktop Kit.

Smart Com Ethical Hacker has prepared an interesting opportunity for students interested in ethical hacking, cyber security, network and programming technologies, artificial intelligence and data centers.

If you are an ethical hacker at heart, or you are inspired by the sea of ​​possibilities for cyber security, then this Smart Com hack challenge is just right for you.

Follow the instructions on the Smart Com website and compete for the main prize of the Logitech MK345 Wireless Desktop Kit.

Send us a solution to the challenge and get the attention of Ethical Hacker for Smart Com, check if you are the right test to become Ethical Hacker on your own.

Start the challenge >>

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