Ilka Štuhec is the new face of the company…

Slovenian alpine skier and national team member Ilka Štuhec has concluded a collaboration with the technology giant, Huawei, thus becoming the new face of the brand. In addition to the new partnership, Ilko Štuhec and Huawei share the same values ​​- bravery, daring, courage, perseverance and a winning mindset.

Ilka Štuhec is one of the most successful skiers in the Slovenian Alps ever. She first stepped on skates at the age of two and never looked back.

Committed to success

Although her plans were thwarted several times due to injuries in her career, Ilka Štuhec never gave up and always grew up like a phoenix from the ashes. Stronger, sturdier and more determined. These martial flames, accompanying her all the time, brought her excellent results on the White Cliffs. Thus, in 2014 she defended the Slovenian colors for the first time in the largest winter sports competition in the world, and at this year’s Olympic competition she was also proud to carry the Slovenian flag, an honor that only the best can receive.

In addition, Ilka Štuhec has achieved a number of other notable achievements. In 2017, she won a gold medal at the World Championships and repeated that success at the 2019 World Championships, making her the first skater in 30 years to successfully defend her world title. She has also won two Crystal Juniors, nine World Cup victories, and 17 podiums in her career.

She’s been competing at the highest level since 2007, but she’s proven very early on to be something really special. She has already won three gold medals at the Junior World Championships, in 2007 in slalom and combined slalom and in 2008 in figure skating. Then this winning mindset accompanied her throughout her career.

New chapter with Huawei

Although the path to Ilka Štuhec’s success was not easy, she never gave up and came back stronger after every difficult ordeal. With this and her warmth, she also wrote in golden letters in people’s hearts. Thanks to hard work and belief in her own abilities, she has fulfilled her biggest dream, and is opening the next chapter in cooperation with Huawei.

“I am becoming more and more passionate about technology and working with a company that dictates trends is very exciting. At the same time, I am glad that such a company sees me as a trustworthy person. This is also a huge responsibility for me. I look forward very much to the good images that Huawei phones provide. It is It always impresses me over and over again.” She said when announcing the partnership Ilka Štuhec.

Marketing Director for Slovenia and Croatia at Huawei, Norman Mulleradded: “We are very honored to have our brand represented by such a successful and great athlete as Ilka Štuhec. We are very happy to cooperate and are already looking forward to a successful joint trip. We want Ilka Štuhec to feel satisfied with us and that our equipment will allow her even more success. Not only on the ski slopes, but on the All areas of life.

An excited Huawei P50 Pro user

Ilka Štuhec is already using the new Huawei P50 Pro, which impresses with its performance, durability, design and high-quality mobile photography. Throughout the P series, Huawei has been committed to designing the latest camera technology, and the P50 Pro is no exception. It is the first phone in the series with a dual array camera system, has a large screen of 120Hz and a long-lasting 4,360mAh battery with wired and wireless fast charging support. With this said, it is uncompromising in all respects and provides the user with what they need at every step.

“Once the camera is turned on, it is difficult to give up. The photos, videos, various camera features and image quality completely overwhelm me. I often use the phone to talk with friends, that is, to use various applications, but right after that there is shooting and recording,” Ilka Štuhec is excited to use the Huawei P50 Pro.

Thus Huawei and Ilka Štuhec embark on a joint road with joint leadership. Huawei has been following the vision of success since its inception. Founded in 1987, Huawei started as a very small company with just a few dozen employees, and today it is considered one of the largest technology companies in the world. During the 35 years of their existence, they also encountered many obstacles, but they always overcame them and continued the planned path with greater success.

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