Ultra-compact PC with…

Minisforum presented a very interesting compact personal computer EliteMini B550. This represents the optimal ratio between price and quality. The newcomer is based on the AMD B550 family of systems, which means that it fully supports AMD processors for personal computers. The most notable is the possibility of using an external graphics card, if we use the computer to play games.

The Small Form Factor Minisforum EliteMini B550 supports AMD Ryzen processors up to 65W. This means that it can be used with AMD Ryzen 5700X (8 cores) and Ryzen 5600X (6 cores) processors. Even an AMD Ryzen 5700G processor is supported here. The rest of the devices can include up to 64 GB of system memory and solid-state data media with a PCIe 4.0 interface.

Together with the Minisforum EliteMini B550 mini PC, the customer receives a specially designed enclosure for an external graphics card. Graphics cards are supported here, occupying two PCI slots and consuming up to 120W of electrical power at full load. For more power, a new external power supply must be purchased. The retail price of the Minisforum EliteMini B550 compact computer without processor, system memory and solid state drive is set at 309 euros.

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