Developer Gloria Zhao Wins $150,000 Grant to Improve Bitcoin

Key facts:
  • Gloria Zhao is working on two projects to improve Bitcoin, and is thinking about improving transactions

  • OkCoin Donated Over $1 Million to Bitcoin Developers

Developer Gloria Zhao won a grant this week to improve the Bitcoin Core protocol, using her efforts and knowledge to win an equivalent grant in US dollars.

The grant was awarded by Bitcoin exchange (BTC) OkCoin, who explained in a press release that as part of its program designed for developers, they donated $150,000 to Zhao, who in addition to dedicating himself to the Bitcoin token, is also participating in the Brink Fellow program.

For this reason, they have added more than $1 million in donations to the people responsible for developing Bitcoin Core, after admitting that “most people” know nothing about Bitcoin and They do not know that constant efforts are needed to eliminate errors and weaknesses In the decentralized bitcoin protocol.

The support given to Zhao is appropriate, given that this woman is one of the few dedicated to developing Bitcoin Core, a task that men have historically used. This shows that open source is not literally divided into types.

OkCoin announced the scholarship for Zhao, one of the few women to join the Bitcoin Core developer team. Source: OkCoin.

Gloria Chow Projects

Zhao is dedicated to the mempool and related fields of peer-to-peer trading within the Bitcoin code. Currently, there is a dedicated change to the P2P protocol that seeks to “improve the way we transmit and talk about transactions on the network,” he explained during an interview at the Bitcoin 2022 conference, two weeks ago.

He is also working on another project related to Bitcoin mempool policies to improve commission exchange, or RBF, which allows transactions to be replaced by increasing payments to miners in the network.

For Zhao, the development of protocols has a huge impact on users, in addition to allowing the estimation of network usage to be more accurate. This will be particularly the case with transactions, which I explain will be more reliable.

He notes that his improvements are further felt in the Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN), the first cryptocurrency micropayment solution. “LN is especially important because you’re dealing with parties you may or may not trust and see,” he said.

“Enhancements become not just a way to express your time preferences in a transaction, but a way to cancel your transaction in time, and get your money back from someone trying to steal your trades,” Zhao says.


It maintains that, in the long term, attack plots have already been deployed within the Bitcoin Lightning Network. While his posts contain “very specific scenarios,” he warns that there will come a time when these situations will emerge more and more in the future.

glory chow
Gloria Gao received a $150,000 grant to continue her projects to develop Bitcoin Core. Source: OkCoin.

Granted to request

Gloria Zhao grant news specifies that there is a clear intent to support Bitcoin developers from different fronts.

As reported by CriptoNoticias a few days ago, a Latin programmer won a grant to improve the Bitcoin protocol. It was about Bruno Garcia, a Brazilian who has dedicated himself to the icon for several years.

With him, other developers were awarded scholarships by the non-profit Brink Association, allowing them to devote themselves entirely to Bitcoin Core, funded, in general, by By companies that are part of the ecosystem.

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