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The new Huawei 9 SE smartphones offer easy access to the Petal Clip video editing tool, which significantly speeds up the creation of exceptional video content.

For the first time in the history of the Huawei series, the new model has a built-in camera with up to 108 million light points, while most of its closest competitors still offer 64 million sensors. A powerful camera has become a necessity in all categories of devices as it has become very common to document life using a smartphone. Higher pixels allow for greater clarity and more detail in videos, so upgrades to Petal Clip are most welcome.

»The new Huawei 9 SE smartphone offers young users a great social integration experience,” He said Norman Muller, Marketing Director for Slovenia and Croatia. »The new Huawei series is designed to connect young users, and the new Huawei 9 SE will only strengthen links. The new smartphone is equipped with a revolutionary camera, introduces a new design and helps them to enjoy life with many inspiring features.. «

Professional editing tool

The easy-to-use Petal Clip video editing app, using the principles of artificial intelligence, makes it easy and free to edit videos at a professional quality level. There are amazing effects and conclusions that ensure your videos stand out. The app also offers a wide range of video editing features, including special effects, stickers, sound effects, fonts, and other elements that you are also happy to include in your work. The editing process is quick, fun, and ensures that you will grab the attention of social media users.

easy to use

Petal Clip creative app offers many suggestions for creating high quality videos. Once you select the appropriate option, start editing by clicking on the Start button and select the video or photos you want to edit. In addition, special cinema quality effects, filters, animations, fonts, stickers, sound effects and a rich collection of music are available from Huawei Music. Above all, you will be impressed by the capabilities of the AI, which is able to perform many challenging tasks automatically.

Petal Clip allows you to edit a video instantly by simply saving it to your phone gallery. In addition, the user interface is very simple and allows you to find the desired feature almost instantly.

Screen Warranty

The first buyers of the Huawei nova 9 SE, which is already available in Slovenia, will get a special feature. When you buy your phone between March 28 and June 28, 2022, you’ll also get 12 months of screen protection against damage, which applies to bumps, drops, and distress. If the mobile phone screen is broken due to an accident during the applicable protection period, you can replace the original screen assembly at once for free at no additional cost.

The new Huawei 9 SE smartphone is the latest in Huawei’s wide range of devices. It joins the Huawei P50 Pocket, Huawei P50 Pro, Huawei Nova 9 and Huawei Nova 8i, followed by the Watch GT 3 smartwatches, the MateView and MateView GT displays, the most beautiful and innovative FreeBuds lipstick and the Huawei Watch GT Runner smartwatch.

For more information, visit: Consumer.huawei.com/si

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