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Before the World Earth Day, the Huawei SOLAR Roadshow in Ljubljana, an event for the professional audience, is a presentation vehicle with Huawei solutions in the field of solar energy use.

TrainIt’s clear: more and more electricity in the coming years will come from renewable energy sources, and among them is certainly the sun in Slovenia. Huawei wants to help business and residential users find more affordable, more efficient, and smarter solar power plants.

Solar energy is a type of (self) supply that is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, as it allows businesses and households to significantly reduce their electricity costs. Huawei, which has been developing solutions in the field of solar energy use and IT solutions for many years, provides advanced solutions for the capture and use of solar energy in Slovenia. At the event in Ljubljana, Huawei, along with its company SKE, presented a solar power plant system that is characterized by the use of artificial intelligence and perfectly adapts to the needs of each user. The solution, which resulted from our own development, is designed to make solar energy more accessible and easy to use in commercial or residential buildings. At the expense of sustainability and the environment, it is important not only for lowering electricity costs but also for the environment and society as a whole.

The Huawei Solar system converts solar energy into electricity that can power a wide range of electricity consumers, while making the solar power plant smart. The solution consists of several devices that use the Internet or digital communications to communicate between the inverter, the enhancer and the battery, and is controlled by artificial intelligence, providing users with a more efficient and economical method of power supply compared to the current market offerings. Since the system is built in a modular form, it is also possible to achieve complete self-sufficiency – solutions from 2 to tens of kWh of capacity are available.

The main advantage of Huawei solutions for solar power plants is the use of artificial intelligence, thanks to which the entire system learns the habits and needs of consumers (u) and saves and consumes energy accordingly. Thus, AI enables better operation of the solar power plant and complete automation of processes to take advantage of the most favorable energy prices always. Thanks to this, investing in a smart solar plant (and battery) system pays off as quickly as possible.

“Huawei Solar solutions are available to Slovenian businesses and households through partner company SKE and local system integrators. I am confident that customers will realize the added value of smart solutions that can increase the efficiency of new or existing solar power plants and thus help them reduce electricity costs. Enjoy Huawei solar solutions come with a 10-year factory warranty, which can be extended up to 20 years, which also testifies to the quality of the solutions.” said Sebastjan Praeger, Head of Digital Energy at Huawei Technologies in Slovenia.

An important part of the system are also Luna Smart batteries, which together with the optimizer lead to the full use of the potential of the solar power plant. The optimizer is designed to achieve the highest possible efficiency of a single solar panel, it can control a large number of panels at the same time and allows you to monitor the operation of the system via any control device. On the other hand, Huawei inverters send the electricity obtained either to consumers, or to the battery, or return it to the network – depending on the settings, and the process is controlled by artificial intelligence.

The user easily monitors the operation of Huawei Solar smart solutions for solar power plants via the mobile application or web, all the real-time operation data is provided by the Huawei SmartLogger solution and transmitted via wired, wireless or mobile connection.

Huawei Solar equipment meets the specific standards and requirements of Slovenia and the European Union.

Presentation of Huawei’s solutions for smarter solar power plants.

Huawei Smart PV Solutions

“Huawei provides smart PV solutions for power management in solar power plants. They integrate more than 30 years of experience in digital information technology. By integrating AI and cloud, Huawei also integrates many of the latest ICT technologies with photovoltaic cells for optimal energy production. , making the solar power plant highly efficient, safe and reliable.Smart solutions in the field of management, maintenance and connection to the electricity distribution network allow users to make the obtained solar energy the main source of electricity.Added Gordana Kisilak, Head of Public Relations and Corporate Communications at Huawei, Slovenia.

Huawei has developed an advanced solution for business facilities and residential customers based on the concept of optimum electricity costs and active safety. By making better use of solar energy, Huawei has already helped power millions of people and hundreds of industries around the world. The company will continue to innovate and enable the use of renewable energy sources to empower every individual, home and organization.

More details about the solar energy solutions offered can be found on the official website:

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