Mobile recorder for…

Recording working hours in different ways is probably something that every company already knows. Most people think of this as a wall station and a check-in or check-out card. These systems have replaced the old card systems. However, there is still a problem with registering with companies that often change their locations and do not have an internet connection there, especially in the construction field. However, the use of mobile phones is also not practical.

Therefore, you can now add a portable recorder to your eTM time recording system. It is a device that replaces the classic recorder in a portable and wireless format. It can run on batteries or connected to the network, the Internet can be provided by mobile data, and in the absence of a signal, the data is synchronized with an Internet connection at the company’s headquarters or elsewhere. Another good feature of the system is that we are using the already existing RFID media to log in. The device also supports barcode reading that can be implemented in the system. More information about the eTM system can be found on the website or by calling 02 3000360.

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