Bitcoin Core 23.0 is now available and that’s what’s new

Key facts:
  • Bitcoin Core version 23 is compatible with all major operating systems

  • Bitcoin Core 23.0 arrives 7 months after the last update, 22.0

Released on Monday, version 23 of Bitcoin Core, the Bitcoin (BTC) software token created by Satoshi Nakamoto 13 years ago. The update brings with it a number of improvements, such as removing the node preference and the method for estimating miner fees.

Information about the new update was posted on the Bitcoin Core developer mail by Vladimir van der Laan, the lead developer of this code.

Bitcoin Core 23.0 can now be downloaded from the official website. Source: The Confidential.

The update, with more than 120 developers contributing, can be downloaded directly from the official Bitcoin Core website.


“Notable Changes” in Bitcoin Core 23.0

Among the major changes in Bitcoin Core 23.0 is the ability to improve peer-to-peer network connectivity. For example, the bitcoind node will not have to pass addresses to incoming peers by default, but will be able to choose them.

In addition, There will be no preference for nodes that use Bitcoin Core to listen only on ports 8333. This may enhance compatibility with those nodes that do not use Bitcoin Core, leading to more integration between different clients. In the past, nodes without this default parameter were less likely to connect to a Bitcoin Core node.

Although most nodes use Bitcoin Core software, other clients such as Knots have been receiving more support lately.

Bitcoin Core 23.0 Brings Changes in Bitcoin Miner Fee Estimation, Which “takes into account” the replacement transaction fee rate (RBF).

This will allow nodes to improve the way they choose priority transactions based on the payment made by users.

The graphical interface (GUI) of Bitcoin Core has also been updated. As detailed in the email, Unspent Outgoing Transactions (UTXO) It will be stored in the Bitcoin Core wallet database, avoid losing it when closing the node, for example.

Next to, Replace the Bech32 checkbox with a dropdown list of all address typesincluding those using Bech32m or Taproot, the latest Bitcoin update.

RPCs, which are remote procedure calls, have been updated in this new version of Bitcoin Core. This will allow, for example, Identify replacement errors and report them more specifically.

Compatibility with Bitcoin Core 23.0

Bitcoin Core version 23.0 is compatible with all major operating systems: Windows, Linux and macOS. But, in addition, according to the developers, “it should work on most Unix-like systems”.

When it is running, you have to close the node and wait for the update to complete, which may take a few minutes. Then you have to run the installer, depending on the operating system you are using. The rest is practically done automatically..

Compatibility between Bitcoin Core 23.0 and various operating systems
Bitcoin Core 23.0 is compatible with most operating systems. Source: BitcoinCore.

7 months from last update

Bitcoin Core 23.0 arrives 7 months after the last update, 22.0, which introduced support for Taproot, as well as other improvements to its algorithm, CriptoNoticias reported at the time.

Likewise, support has been added to improve privacy in the Bitcoin code, relying on l2P networks, which allow private communications in a P2P exchange network.

With the arrival of Bitcoin Core 23.0, it is clear that the developers are constantly working on improving the protocol, through combinational proposals and implementations, aimed at mass adoption and perpetuating the new economy.

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