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Huawei welcomes the challenge to players of the popular mobile game Fishing Clash by Ten Square Games (TSG). On World Earth Day, which we celebrate on April 22nd, game players are encouraged to clean up the virtual Amazon River, in order to help raise awareness about protecting the environment and protecting the biodiversity of the real Amazon River. The initiative also aims to plant trees[1]What they want to achieve with a very special invitation to players: The more you play, the more trees we will plant.

Fishing Clan is a very popular game on Huawei’s AppGallery and GameCenter, and it debuted last year on World Water Day when it joined an initiative to raise awareness of extinct species and clean up the oceans. But in this Week of Land, the challenge takes players on the perfect fishing in the Amazon River.

However, the goal is not to catch exotic fish, but to actually clean the river. Their achievements will then be transferred to the real world by the company behind the game by planting trees. For a more experienced virtual experience in the Amazon environment, players along the way are accompanied by a jaguar, a monkey and a wolf, whose numbers have declined over the years due to changing habitats.

“Committing to environmental awareness and promoting responsible behavior through technology is one of Huawei’s top priorities. It is encouraging to see how playing games can form virtual habits that make a positive contribution even in a real environment. The challenge for TSG on World Earth Day includes our core beliefs about helping to Protecting the environment, especially because it has an impact in the real environment through tree planting.” Dr. said. Jaime Gonzalo, Vice President of Huawei Mobile Services Europe.

TSG’s environmental awareness through Fisihing Clash also reflects Huawei’s own approach to using technology to tackle climate change and environmental issues. The company has four sustainable strategies: digital inclusion, security and trust, environmental protection, and a healthy and harmonious ecosystem[2].

Over the past two years, Huawei has used its digital technologies[3] Helping 22 protected areas in 18 countries manage natural resources more efficiently and protect biodiversity. Carbon dioxide emissions per million yuan (142,000 euros) in sales revenue decreased 33.2% last year compared to the 2012 base year.[4]. In addition, the company’s commitment to using environmentally friendly materials, more sustainable packaging and reducing waste has earned it an “A” rating from the international non-profit charitable organization CDP, which helps companies, cities, countries and regions reveal their environmental impact.[5].

Fishing Clash is available for download on AppGallery, the third largest platform of its kind in the world. The store, which is available in 170 countries around the world and has 580 million monthly active users, offers 187,000 apps with integrated support for Huawei’s Mobile Services (HMS) ecosystem.

HMS is the platform for Huawei smartphones, including the latest Huawei P50 Pro, Huawei P50 Pocket, Huawei nova 9 SE and Huawei nova 9.

[1] Points collected by Fishing Clash players in the Amazon and other regions will be converted into donations from TSG. Up to 35,000 US dollars (about 32,000 euros) will be allocated to planting trees.

[2] Huawei’s four sustainability strategies:

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