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Four models of the iPhone 13 family of smartphones are available to long-time customers. Here we can find the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The newcomers differ in hardware specifications as well as in size, weight, and battery capacity. In addition, Apple offers several other iPhones for sale, including the iPhone SE 2022.

However, since 95 percent of iPhone smartphones are made in China, Apple relies heavily on the Chinese workforce. This has been seen more than once in recent times with the reintroduction of quarantine due to the outbreak of coronavirus infection. As a result, Apple is seriously considering moving some of its production to the Indian market as soon as possible.

Apple has already implemented its new business strategy with India’s Sriperumbudur. This will be responsible for assembling the iPhone 13 family of smartphones. This currently represents about 3.1 percent of all iPhone 13 smartphones, and this share will only increase in the future. Additionally, a new plant in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is already under construction. This will be a factory of 160,000 square meters and will be available exclusively for Apple purposes, with a focus of course on iPhone smartphones.

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