Google smartwatch prototype…

There have been rumors circulating about the Google Pixel Watch for a long time. Now, thanks to the unusual network of events, we have the opportunity to see what this would look like in practice. According to reports from the Android Central web portal, someone accidentally found a prototype of the Pixel Watch in a restaurant. As it turns out, a Google engineer forgot the smartwatch while working on a limited project.

The published images show that the look of the Pixel Watch is very consistent with the previous images on the World Wide Web. There are physical wheels between the two buttons on the side of the watch, which is a rarity in smartwatches. There is a small hole next to the wheel that could be a microphone or a height sensor. On the back of the watch there is a life function monitoring sensor surrounded by an ornate black bezel.

According to the latest information, the Google Pixel Watch will be presented to the public between May 11-12 as part of the Google I/O 2022 End User Conference. The novelty will be based on the Google Wear OS mobile operating system (version 3.1). In addition, it is supposed to be based on the Samsung Exynos processor. In practical terms, this means that it can easily handle the most demanding tasks and will also be suitable for entertainment.

The rest of the Google Pixel Watch smartwatches will likely have a circular display with a diagonal of 3 cm or 1.2 inches and a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. A direct connection to the new Google Digital Assistant will also be provided. This is supposed to be more responsive compared to the current experience and is supposed to provide a great user experience. The design of the new smartwatch will be very attractive, at least according to the computer images that have been revealed.

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